Where to Find New Water Bongs for Sale

When it comes to smoking, there are an incredible amount of different methods to do so. We’re not talking about smoking a cigar or a cigarette, we’re talking about smoking weed. Weed, marijuana, whatever you want to call it, has become an increasingly popular pastime for people of all ages. Since this pastime is being more popular, more accepted, and more legalized the market for weed supplies has also grown a ton.

Now, in major cities or areas where weed is heavily used and legal to smoke, you can easily access shops and dispensaries to get your supplies and re-up your smoking stash. No longer do you have to sneakily buy weed accessories at the mall or from some sketchy shop on the corner.

Now, by going to your local head shop or looking online, you can find all of the things you need for your next smoking session, whether that be solo or with a group of friends. While there are many different ways to smoke weed, there is one that is the most distinctive and basic way to do so.

That method of smoking is with a water bong. A bong is completely synonymous with the act of smoking weed, as many common tropes of weed smoking are accompanied by a huge bong. But, why are bongs so popular? People are still actively using them today as a method to smoke their weed, so there has to be something special about them. So let’s break that down.

How Does a Bong Work?
Water bongs can come in all shapes and sizes, from small, discreet, and easily stored bongs, to huge bongs that also can act as an art piece in someone’s living room. No matter what size or shape you purchase a bong in, they all work relatively the same.

The point of a bong is to filter and cool the smoke that comes when you light the weed in the chamber. When you light the dried weed that is in the small chamber, it will ignite, giving off the smoke that you inhale.

There is water that should be at the bottom of the bong and the smoke will rise from the water and that’s when you inhale it. Bongs are most used because you can get huge hits from it and it’s a smoother inhale compared to other forms of smoking. The water from the bong gets rid of the dry heat from the smoke that can cause a burning feeling in your throat and cause you to cough.

You often can achieve a cooler and smoother hit of weed from using a bong. Sometimes, people even put ice in the tube of the bong to make sure the smoke is as cool as possible before inhaling.

If you don’t already have a bong or are on the hunt for a new one to add to your collection, then the best way to find a great bong is to find it online. Sure, you can go to your local head shop, but they might not have the best selection and they can be a bit expensive.

Finding water bongs for sale online can save you time and money. To find your perfect water bong, check out the selection from Funky Piece. Funkypiece.com is home to an amazing assortment of bongs, pipes, bowls, bubblers, and everything in between.

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