Who Has the Best Value Lighting?

Within every industry, there are certain brands that go above and beyond expectations. These brands are able to gain recognition simply because they excel at what they do and they do it better than anyone else in their industry. When it comes to interior and exterior lighting, it is absolutely no different. Lighting is a broad category and there are clear leaders in each segment of the market. Some of these are big-name companies that you may already be aware of.

There is one brand that has proven themselves time and time again and they’ve managed to make a pretty big name for themselves in their specific market. Lithonia Lighting is the best value-based company in the industry and if they somehow fell below your radar you should check them out when thinking about making your next lighting-related purchase.

Since forming in Georgia in 1946, they have spent the last 75 years creating increasingly innovative products and perfecting their craft. They are now owned by one of the most trusted and utilized lighting brands out there, Acuity Brands. Acuity is the largest lighting manufacturer in the world in regards to market share. They are home to many popular brands including, Iota and SensorSwitch. They have spent years known as the market leader in industrial technology.

Based in Atlanta, Acuity Brands is a well-established company with over 13,000 knowledgeable employees. They have achieved many accomplishments and have been nominated for a number of industry awards over the years. Lithonia Lighting in particular received the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2020 Product of the Year award.
A company that is receiving industry-wide praise for its products is one that is definitely worth looking into.

Know What You Want
Whether it is commercial, industrial, or institutional, if you are looking to purchase anything “lighting” you have to know exactly what it is that you want before you can be ready to shop for it. Are you looking for something flashy or something simple? You have to think about the aesthetic you are going for before you can actually make a purchase. From the fixture to the bulb itself there are various possibilities and combinations you can choose from. Those choices just need to be able to fit together nicely.

When it comes to lighting your home or business, you need something that is illuminating, energy-efficient, and a great value. You will also need lighting fixtures that accept energy-efficient fluorescent lamping. Lastly, the product that you’re looking to purchase needs to be durable and built to last. Not many brands will have lighting options that check all of these boxes.

Know Where To Get It
Lithonia Lighting is all of these things and more. With their main selling point being their amazing value, they’ve spent years building a reputation to be proud of. They offer countless lighting options and accessories from exit signs to ground stakes for outdoor light fixtures. Some of their best selling items include their LED Recessed Wafer Lights and their Universal Construction Plates.

If you are interested in purchasing any Lithonia Lighting products you can find them on atlantalightbulbs.com. They have a large selection of lights from over 100 different brands. They have the perfect lighting options for every room in your house, including the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. They have great outdoor lighting for your home as well. If you’re looking for something for your business they have various options for small and large businesses as well. Whether it is a hotel, restaurant, office, warehouse, or an entire parking lot, Atlanta Light Bulbs has what you are looking for.

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