Why Hydroxyethylcellulose is The Perfect Thickener For Liquid Soaps

All-natural, safe for all skin types, extremely affordable, and widely available. What’s not to love about Hydroxyethylcellulose, which is one of the leading thickening agents on the market?

If you are into making your own shampoos and liquid soaps, or if you operate a business and are putting effective formulas together, this short article will highlight some of the best benefits of this plant-based thickener and also show you where to pick it up as well!

What Is Hydroxyethylcellulose?
By no means easy to pronounce, at first glance, you would think this is some kind of synthesized chemical cooked up in a lab that you would never want to put on your skin. In reality, it’s simply a natural substance that is derived from the cell walls of plants. Cellulose is one of the main components of plant fibers and has no synthetic properties, which makes it ideal as an ingredient that has wide applications.

One of the reasons why this interesting ingredient is being used more and more is precisely because it is natural. Plant-based products are taking off, spearheaded by ingredients that are beneficial on many levels.

For instance, here are some of the many benefits of Hydroxyethylcellulose:

●Binding formulas
●Moisturizing properties
●Thickening or creating certain textures in formulas

From the standpoint of an ordinary binding chemical or thickening agent, Hydroxyethylcellulose is far more versatile. It has natural binding and emulsifying properties that broaden its usage and make it useful in a wide variety of different applications. Unlike most synthetics which are typically designed to offer a very specific use or benefit, this ingredient can be adapted for a much larger range of different uses in the personal care and beauty industry.

Finding the Best Soap Making Ingredients
When you get into the business of soap-making or lotion-crafting, you will learn that there are hundreds of different ingredients on the market. Not all of them have the same degree of usefulness in today’s current market, however. Despite how useful some synthetic ingredients can be, in general, they aren’t as favored these days because of the explosion of the green beauty industry and how many consumers are searching for gentle plant-based alternatives.

What’s interesting about ingredients like Hydroxyethylcellulose is that you can create vegan products with it, which can certainly be useful if you want your beauty products or skincare products to appeal to a wide audience. Of course, you can also use this ingredient with synthetic and animal-based ingredients as well, because it plays nicely with a wide range of other substances. In fact, it excels at being able to bind unrelated substances together or suspend them, even more effectively than many artificial binders. You will want to keep this in mind when you are crafting your formulas.

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