Celebrate New Year in Dubai with 30 days UAE visa

Dubai has a vast desert building, skyscrapers with gourmet dining, thrilling activities, and an expansive metropolis is now among the top well-known tourist destinations around the globe to celebrate New Year’s Eve. For a family getaway or a trip with loved ones, Dubai is a perfect location. But, going to the UAE destination requires a lot of planning, one of which is obtaining a visa. There are various types of visas available visas are offered, a 30 days UAE visa is ideal for a short stay in this city of the emirates.

If you’re a citizen from Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Vatican City, South Korea, San Marino, Singapore, Brunei, United States of America, Hong Kong, etc., you can apply for the visa on arrival and can stay in Dubai, or anywhere within the UAE for at minimum 30 days. However, if you are not from one of these nations then you must obtain a tourist visa before you depart for your destination.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Dubai Visa

If you plan to travel to Dubai then you must meet the following requirements for eligibility:

  • If you are younger than 21 years old, you must be accompanied by a close family member (i.e. parents or siblings above 21 years).
  • Female passengers must be accompanied by their father or spouse, brother, or adult son, or an immediate family member.

How to Apply for a 30 Days UAE Visa

Following these steps, you can apply online for a 30 days Dubai visa:

  • Fill in all the required information on the form.
  • You must provide the necessary documents to process your visa application
  • Make the payment

After having reviewed your visa application, visa specialists might call you to inquire about additional details to ensure that your visa is processed promptly.

Documents required to be submitted for 30 Days Dubai Visa Application

The documents you must attach to the application form are:
  • Passport copy:- One of the essential documents you need to provide is your passport. You do not need to submit your passport but only a copy of the necessary pages. It includes the first and final pages of the passport. It is also important to make sure that the photocopies are colored. Copying in black and white can result in your visa application being denied.
  • Photocopy:- You need to provide a passport-sized photo along with the application form. The image should be a color photo and make sure it is clear. Additionally, at least 80 percent of your face must be visible in the image. Ensure that the photo is recent.
  • Resident Proof:- If you’re in a foreign country, other than your home to work or for any other reason, you should provide proof of permanent residence. It is necessary to present your residency visa with your application form.
  • Travel documents:- If you’ve visited destinations like the UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Schengen countries in the past five years, you are required to include your travel documents pertaining to the same along with your application. A valid visa for these countries will also be enough.
  • Financial Documents:- If you don’t have the documents required you can provide your financial documents, which are part of the tax return forms for the last two years.
  • Invitation Letter:- If you’re visiting Dubai upon invitation from a friend or family member it is necessary to attach the invitation letter of the host and their proof of residency.

Along with the documents, you must pay the processing fee for visas that will vary based according to the country that you reside in. If you need your visa urgently, it’ll cost you more, but you’ll receive the visa will be issued within two days. In contrast, the standard Dubai visa is available between 5-7 days.

The 30-day tourist visa is a one-time entry visa that is valid for 58 days beginning from the date the visa’s issue. That means that you must leave the country prior to when the expiration date of your visa. With only the option of 30 days it is not enough to wander around Dubai fully, but other Emirates of the UAE as well.

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