Concrete Ideas To Add Opulence To Your Homes And Workplace

When we think about the word “concrete”, a dull, cold, grey and boring material comes to our mind, which is generally used to strengthen the foundation of our home. Over the years, there has been a change in the way concrete is perceived. This versatile material is used by architects, sculptors and designers to create bold and unique elements. These elements, when infused into your living space, create an environment of sophistication and elegance. 

The unrefined and natural features of concrete provide the perfect neutral backdrop for countless decorative pieces. For ages, this unconventional material has been used to build walls, floors and even furniture. However, today, concrete has become a go-to material for creating stunning works of art.

Acclaimed designers have created decorative items that range from tableware to benchtops, water feature bowls, sinks, dining tables and many more. Wood, metals, crystals and semi-precious stones can also be integrated into the concrete while casting. It can also be painted in various colours to give it an artistic look.  

The design industry is brimming with revolutionary concrete products. These products make your home stand out and create the perfect ambience for you.

Here Are the Lists of Some Concrete Items That You Cannot Resist.

  • Concrete Benchtops

No one was aware of this fabulous product some 20 years ago. These have now become a reality. Concrete benchtops are used in kitchens, laundries and even bathrooms. You can cook your favourite food over the kitchen benchtops. Concrete gives durability to the benchtops. As concrete is a versatile material, the benchtops can be cast into any size and shape. This material can be easily customized to mimic granite and marble. To get a textured look, you can even add aggregate materials such as seashells or glow-in-dark materials to it. Sealers are added to concrete to protect it from water and dust.

  • Concrete Sinks

These sinks give a perfect finish to modern outdoor spaces. These are the most durable and beautiful surfaces to have in your bathroom, kitchen and even outdoors. Concrete Sinks are endless design and colour options available in the market to choose from. Concrete works blend perfectly with other design features and materials.

  • Tables

 From high-powered business meetings to comfortable meals with your family, tables have been in our life’s most important moments. The introduction of concrete tables has changed the way we look at this common furniture item. In offices, tables made with concrete make a statement. At home, these tables add elegance and sophistication. Concrete can be cast in many designs and shapes to create different types of tables such as tabletops, coffee tables, dining tables and many more.

  • Concrete Planters

These planters are used nowadays to optimise the available space. Concrete planters are available in a variety of styles and colours. You can use them to decorate your terrace and even interiors. From cup shape to large double width plants always, opt for sealed concrete planters as they last a lifetime. 

These planters are winter-proof, frost-proof and can survive harsh weather. Concrete Planter looks elegant, adorable and can accommodate small and even large plants.

  • Water Feature Bowls

You can augment the look of your garden with easy to install concrete water feature bowls. Many concrete design companies sell these in various sizes and colours. These have a very contemporary presence, and you can spruce up the area by adding concrete decorative elements for landscaping, pool fountains, entryways, and more. The visible pores in the concrete give it an authentic and natural look.

Unique and contemporary, most concrete items are handcrafted creations and can be given away as gift items.