Education and The Impact Of Covid-19

Like all other sectors of life, the outbreak of the deadly virus Covid-19 has had a great negative impact on education as well as the lives of the students. Not only the schools, universities, and colleges got a tough time but the writing service providers like 24hwritemyessay also had to work hard as the lockdown had not left any choice for them but to write the online reports for the doctors dealing with the pandemic. This was the time when the writing services providers known as 24hwritemyessay  could not find a student to offer help to.

The pandemic has affected the whole society in a negative manner and the students are either in a state of shock after the loss of their loved ones or are just feeling the anxiety that is much natural in such tough times. The outbreak of coronavirus was so sudden that not a single affected country in the world could make the prevention strategies or make plans about how to deal with it.

Psychological and personality effect of Covid- 19

According to the surveys done all over the world about the impact of coronavirus on education the absence of a set routine that the students follow during the school days has made most of the students lazy and careless. They are no more interested in regular classes. It was mandatory for the media as well as social media to create awareness about the coronavirus among the masses. For this, they had to share hospital data with the masses, and with such data, they added pictures and videos of the pandemic-affected areas of the country. All these activities affected the psychological health of the students. They have lost their ability to concentrate or focus on one thing for long enough. The kids younger than 13 years of age are so scared of the pandemic that they do not take off their masks even when they are at home.

Physical effects of Covid-19

One more thing that has spoiled the habits of kids while staying at home and that is of using screens. The parents are forced to give their kids the screens for their virtual classes but the kids do not give u and continue using the mobile phones, tablets, or laptops even after attending the class. Too much use of screens has its toll on the eyesight of the kids. Due to the promotion of social distancing, the kids have to stay at home, and even if they are told to go to a place that is safe for them they refuse to go even after complete vaccination. To kill their boredom the students eat junk food and by constantly eating it without following any exercise routine they become over-weight.

We should all pray earnestly for the Covid-19 to disappear as it never existed so that all of us including the school-going kids can come back to our routine lives and start our journey to the achievement of our goals with new spirits.