Top 19 Blog Writing Prompts To Catch Audience Attention Instantly

Have you ever thought of being a famous blogger, but you faced writer’s block every time you try to think of a topic? Well, that happens with almost everyone. Your mind gets blank when you think of new and fresh ideas to appeal to your audience. It gets difficult for the writer to come up with ideas in the duration time when the publishing date is coming near day by day. That is why we have created a comprehensive guide on different blog writing prompts that can be perfect for any blog post. This list will help you in deciding your blog topics in a more efficient manner. So let’s read on!

The Ultimate Guide to Creative and Engaging Blog Writing Prompts

Lifestyle blogpost prompts

Lifestyle blogs are getting increasingly popular. They are the type of blog in which you tell your daily life happenings and different perspective on random things. Many writers have the art of storytelling, which is why lifestyle blogs are read a lot on online platforms. People love to read about unique experiences and events. There is a variety of different topics that you can cover in this niche. Here are some ideas:

  1. Tell your reader about saving hacks, like how to save money through vouchers online.
  2. You can highlight the importance of care and maintaining a good lifestyle, like the importance of self-care in the life of a woman.
  3. To make your blog interesting, you can share any event, such as the idea of a perfect day, with friends and family.
  4. People are interested in reading popular things, for example, the top most viewed movies on Netflix or Famous actors, and a sneak peek at their lifestyle.
  5. You can also write about your personal favorite things, like your current favorite TV series or book.
  6. Young girls are quite interested in reading about makeup and beauty hacks. You can make topics such as the top ten beauty hacks or best makeup products present in the market.
  7. To attract an audience, the best blog writing prompt is to talk about trendy topics. For example, you can find a topic from Instagram trends or popular fashion items.

Fun Blog Post Ideas

If you want your audience to relax their mind by reading your blogs, then what’s better than fun blogs? These topics have a humor element that has the power to enlighten the mood of the reader. Not only personal, these prompts also work on business or professional platforms if you desire to engage your audience in a creative way. However, if you feel that you can’t add the element of fun or horror to your writing, you can hire experts who provide blog writing services UK.

  1. You can share about your pet and the cute little things they do. Such as funny ways my dog sparks my day.
  2. Nothing can add more fun to a blog than jokes. People love to read them, which is why a topic like the top five best jokes of all time or jokes to brighten up your mood can be an interesting topic.
  3. To build the curiosity or attention of your reader, you can try to write on topics such as What’s in my bag or wardrobe?
  4. You can also give unique and fun ideas in your blogs. This approach can ensure a good number of views on your blog. For example, ten ways to plan a surprise birthday party or how to throw a graduation dinner at home.

Educational Blog Prompts

Educational blogs have a clear purpose and goal to educate the audience. The topics can depend on the target audience. Some blogs can focus on college students, while others can be written for professionals. These blogs are informative and a good source of gathering information for the reader. If you plan to write on education, then there are a lot of topics, but you might get confused by the complexity. So we have listed a few ideas below to help out.

  1. Creating an article that focuses on social media and its relation to education can be a good idea to grab the attention of young readers.
  2. To build a good audience and interesting blog, you can give reviews or summaries of different books. People often search for feedback or reviews before purchasing or reading a book.
  3. You can also focus on new writers or students and create topics revolving around them. For example, best writing tips for beginners, how to get good grades in assignments, or why getting content writing services UK is a good option.
  4. Apart from writing, students also search for educational institute options or courses that they can get at prestigious universities.

Controversial Blog Ideas

Who doesn’t love to read about popular controversies? It takes interest and curiosity to another level. Writer, if you have a strong belief that you can write controversial topics in a proper way without any mistakes, then it’s the best choice to make loyal readers in a short span of time. Now some topics are given below which you can easily write about:

  1. To make up a controversial topic, you have to write about any habit or item that is popular. For example, why video gaming is a bad practice.
  2. Underrated opinions about fashion products are also read by a lot of people. You can write about trendy items, such as why the famous lip tint is not worth buying.
  3. Apart from reviews, to attract readers with a strong mindset, you have to focus on powerful topics.  For example, whether we are living in a male dominant society or how the face of feminism has changed in the last few years.
  4. People also love to read about media and new stories about it every day. To deliver content to such an audience, you can write about the drawbacks of new media.


Writing about new topics is essential to increase the views on your blog. When we start writing at some point, we feel like there is a lack of topics, but fortunately, this is not the case; we only have to do research to find fresh topics. We hope after reading this blog, you have blog writing prompts to attract a target audience and build loyal readers.