2023 Calendar for Social Media: Tips for Real Estate Agents

Social media is a great marketing tool for real estate businesses, but the management can feel intimidating. A social media calendar can be a lifesaver for those people. Here are some tips for realtors to use when creating a social media calendar.

Without a social media calendar, you might miss important dates to publish posts, write content till the last minute, and feel your social media presence could be better.

Organization and planning beautify any task. Realtors need to make a proper social media calendar for a month, 6 months, or years (up to you) to ace social media marketing.

It’s never too late, so join us as we pour some pearls of wisdom, drawing on our long experience in real estate social media marketing.

Social Media for Real Estate Agents: Tips to Create A Marketing Calendar 2023

1. Audit Your Social Media Accounts

The first step to refining your social media marketing strategy and organizing everything in one place is to analyze what you have been doing wrong.

By conducting a social media audit, you consider these:

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and critical metrics for each platform to describe the performance
  • Your real estate business objectives
  • Your ideal customers
  • Number of posts each month or week
  • Best and worst performing content, and campaigns on socials 
  • Ideas for correcting current tactics or testing new ones

2. Rotate The Topics and Content

Mix the content types and topics while publishing them on social media for your real estate marketing. Posting only links to apartments for sale or listings on your site won’t cut it.

You should post market updates, tips for sellers and buyers, events, lead-generating content, listings, local news, etc.

3. Schedule Stuff to Post

Marketers should outline the platform and time of the post publishing to make it more convenient to upload content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

For example, you can schedule recommendations for commercial property buyers for Monday, home decor tips for Tuesday, motivational quotes for Wednesday, feature a local business on Thursday, and a fun holiday post (like Hug your cat day) for Friday, etc.

Similarly, you can schedule posts for other weeks as well. Real estate marketers often successfully attain their social media marketing goals by featuring market reports for their town/location, open houses that will happen on the weekend (place your site’s URL), property listings for promotion, and more.

Real estate social media content can be a description of a day in a realtor’s life (share photos from home searching on Saturday), just listed properties (put a link to your site), feature a humorous image or positive quote, holiday (mother’s day), local news (your favorite coffee place, park), things to do with mom this Saturday and more.

4. Leverage Facebook’s Scheduling Option For Real Estate

Do you have a Facebook business account? If not, then make one now. Facebook for Business offers a super convenient feature to schedule a Facebook post for a specific day of the week.

For example, you can choose “Motivational Mondays” or “Valuable Wednesdays” when you hunt local happenings, market news, and events and set them to display on your Facebook handle. It’s surprisingly simple, and quick and helps you upload interactive, related content on Facebook.

5. Leverage Instagram’s Scheduling Option

Does your target market hang out on Instagram? For example, many millennials want to have their own home, and many Gen Zs wish to rent an apartment to be independent.

If you deal with residential properties, you should start putting content on Instagram. When you see positive results such as engagements on these posts and your confidence builds up, you can begin developing your social media calendar for the platform.

Here are some incredible tools for you to schedule content for Instagram in advance:

  • Buffer
  • Later
  • Hootsuite
  • Planoly 
  • Tailwind

6. Select Your Tools

There are a variety of marketing and advertising tools available on the internet to help brands reach heights of success quickly.

We recommend paying even a hefty amount if it means access to a golden social media marketing tool that will save you hours daily and tons of effort.

Social media management tools help schedule and plan posts, automate publishing, and offer you analytics about your performance. Go for a user-friendly social media software you can integrate with most major social media channels. 

Our all-time favorite is Later.com. Managing your social media pages is as easy as dragging and dropping with this incredible tool for realtors. It is your friend in real estate social media marketing if you use Instagram, as it gives the best results with this social network.

With that said, tools usually limit your ability to customize your social media plan to your needs. So, if your budget allows, try hiring a social media marketing agency to let them handle what they master.

7. Schedule Creation and Brainstorming Sessions

Social media is all about engagement. Your target users find so many posts from different real estate agents in their social media feeds while having only so much time to engage.

It won’t cut it if you say what everyone else is saying or repeat the same news. Brainstorm to come up with raw ideas for social media content that can stop scrolling hands.

It involves finding pretty pictures, crafting killer copy, and concocting new content ideas. “It takes the most time,” you say as a real estate agent. 

Is there a solution? Don’t brainstorm for each post, instead do it in batches. Sit with your team to create content for like, a week, month, or 6 months.

We hold these meetings at least one month ahead of time to save our ideas from getting stale. How many team members will attend those sessions? What pattern will you follow to brainstorm and create content? It is up to you.

You can hold one session for brainstorming and content creation or do it in separate sessions. 

8. Store Marvellous Ideas

There is nothing wrong with saving social media posts that you are inspired by. If you don’t copy the whole concept to the tee, it isn’t stealing. So, keep your conscience high and save pictures, videos, audio, music, CTAs, and captions styles when you like them.

We love Instagram’s Save option and have made a collection called ‘Incredible Ideas” to keep all the posts we like organized in one place. 

Bonus Tip: Pin inspirations to your Pinterest board or save screenshots or downloads to your device’s album. These ideas will help accelerate your brainstorming and reach final ideas.


1. Where can I find realtor social media content to post on my pages about festivals and events?

You can find content to share on your social media accounts by searching on Google. For instance, if you want to know what’s burning in May in Dubai’s real estate market, you should search with the keywords “May events in Dubai.” You will see multiple sources with oodles of event details.

2. How can I use my real estate social media posts to generate leads?

You should link to your website’s relevant page in almost every social media post to drive your Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn followers to specific pages. People search the most about houses just listed this week, foreclosures, open houses, and recently reduced apartments.

3. Where can I find social media shareable about the properties on rent and sale in the neighborhoods I serve?

Either share your property listings or request permission from other realtors in your workplace for publishing theirs on your social media pages (if you don’t have any listings).

4. From where can I find property industry trends and reports?

Real estate agents can check their local MLS(Multiple Listing Service) and CoreLogic to find real estate market trends and reports to share on their social media networks. They can also write tailored blogs for the real estate industry on their website.

5. Should I save local news and occurrences to talk about on my socials?

Yes. You should regularly check out multiple local blogs and online magazines and save important news. Refer back to these bookmarks each week or month.

Use Your Socials for Sales

As a small real estate business, you have a limited social media budget, which needs to be used wisely. If you currently have a messed up social media strategy that is unable to boost the revenue you invest, join hands with a trusted partner like Digital Gravity.

We are an esteemed social media marketing agency based in Dubai and can help you generate a constant supply of fresh leads, conversions, and sales. Ping us to talk to one of our experts.

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