5 Creative Ways to Make Music Video Clips

In today’s digital era, content on the internet is consumed quickly and forgotten in a short time. Some people may think that music video clips are not that important. But this is the reason why videos are indispensable for your music production needs.

YouTube is the largest music streaming service worldwide and content related to music is consumed at least once a week by users. This shows that music video clips are still growing rapidly to become content spread on the internet.

Why Are Music Video Clips Important?

Artists need more than just audio content to be recognized by music lovers, create a strong identity, and maintain their existence in the minds of the audience. Musicians need a creative and visually better look at their industry.

Another perspective is how music consumption has changed naturally over the years. Aesthetically superior music videos have replaced creatively designed physical album covers following the shift of music content to online streaming platforms.

The music video was popularized by MTV in the 80s. Currently, MTV has changed its genre from music content to more reality shows and other entertainment programs. However, music video clips are still popular. Video clips continue to develop in today’s social media era. The fan base for video clips is developed with the click of a like button, share and write comments.

Music videos are more than just producing a visualization of a lyric, and they are now turning into a powerful communication tool between artists and fans. Video clips have the ability to evoke emotions and reactions that keep the music in fans’ minds for longer. It is a great way for an artist to tell the story behind the song and also gives viewers a better understanding of the song.

Creating online video clips and sharing them on many online platforms is now very easy with the various editing applications. A less-than-appealing video clip can make a great song easy to forget, but a great clip can draw fans’ attention to video creators and artists. Because translating a song into a visual form sounds scary. If you already have a good concept, location, crew, and tools but are still confused about how to make an interesting video clip. Here are five ideas that might inspire you.

5 Creative Ways to Make Video Clips

Some of the techniques below will enhance your music click videos and make them look neat and professional. You can make cool and creative music videos with these techniques and ideas even with a limited budget. FlexClip will be a good choice to make music video clips.


Adding animations such as “doodle effects” to the editing process requires planning before making a video. Animations can be synchronized with the lyrics and rhythm of the music for a small fee or even free. You can add animation to an existing video or create a full-animation video clip.

Producing a video with the best results may require much editing time and a good video editor. Popular versions of animated video clips are lyric videos, and animation allows you to be creative without limits to visually present music. Remember that your shooting must be well planned to match the animation planning during the editing period.

The “Golden Hour” Effect

Lighting is the main key to every shooting. In the world of photography, the “Golden Hour” refers to the time right after sunrise and before sunset when the light is fully diffused. With only natural sunlight at these hours, you can get some warm, rich, and stunning golden tones in the shot.

It’s essential to plan this video shoot, making sure the crew and equipment are ready at the right time for good lighting. Take advantage of these tips to create cool and visually pleasing music videos.

More pro with Drone

Adding video capture with a drone is a great way to add quality and beauty to your videos. Drone shots are widely used in movies and many other videos. Taking this video creates the effect as if the viewer saw where the picture was taken. With a little bit of editing, taking pictures with drones also makes your videos look professional.

Self-shot content

Fans love to see the behavior of their favorite artists with behind-the-scenes footage. You can record videos without scripts with your cellphone camera and then add them to the video in the editing process.

Not only is the process of making videos cheaper, but the audience also likes this technique. Self-shot videos will look genuine, natural, honest and interactive to connect with fans personally. This type of video became very popular during the lockdown of the coronavirus.

One-shot technique

Shooting video with this technique is very challenging, but it produces an excellent video if done well. With the one-shot technique, the shooting must be done perfectly and requires professional expertise. This technique is an inexpensive option if you are making videos on a low budget. The talent/artist must fully interact with the camera during the video shooting process. Technical video production can have a powerful impact on fans.


Music video clips are a form of advertising and entertainment, and they are also one of the best forms of storytelling. In 2020, Facebook bought official music videos for its platform, Apple launched a 24-hour music channel, and Amazon started streaming music videos.

It is proof that the video clip will exist for a long time. If you are a band or solo singer, video clips are a visual representation of your work. Video clips play a significant role in your music career, translate your songs into videos, and show the power of your work.