Backlinks: Online tools to check website backlinks

Before we go through the question lets first discuss  Do you know “What are backlinks?”
Many of you have heard this before if you are familiar with SEO, and many of you don’t know, I will try to explain it in simpler words as I can.

What are backlinks?

Backlink as its name contains the answer, backlink, means the link from a ranking site, it can be higher than your website,
Even you can get a backlink from the lower rank website. It can be in many forms like it can be text or it can be an image.

A backlink is a hyperlink that links from another website, back to your own website. It is also known as Inbound Link, these links take great importance in your website ranking.

It also means that other websites contain link of your website. The more you spread your links to other sites. The more popularity you will get. If they give a Do-follow link.

There is various type of online tools available to check your website backlinks. These tools can be classified into two types.
1) Paid online tools
2) Free tools

1)Google Search Console: The most trusted tools used in the SEO field, even I also use this tool. It is a Google tool which is free, To use it just register and enjoy. If you really don’t know how to setup google search console, I have made this post you can check it out.

2)SEMrush: It also gives you some information about the backlinks but the paid version will give you full access to use it as you want

3)Ahrefs: You can register here to use it free, but features are limited for free users.

4)Open Site Explorer: It is another best tool,  used to analyze the backlinks, free users have limited access to use all the features.

5)Majestic SEO: It provides free to use but some features can be only available to paid users.

List of tools available on the internet
  • Linkbird
  • Alexa
  • Backlink Watch
  • MoonSearch
  • CognitiveSEO Backlink Checker & Site Explorer
  • Indexicon – Free Backlink Checker
  • Vidupm
  • Linkody – Backlink Checker
  • LinkPad
  • LinkResearchTools
  • Monitor Backlinks
  • DAS Backlink Check Tool
  • OpenLinkProfiler
  • Searchmetrics Suite
  • SEOprofiler
  • Sheer Explorer
  • Site Explorer
  • Web SEO Analytics
  • WebMeUp backlink tool
There are lot more but I can’t give all here its all i have tried but the best tools are on The Top of the blog. Currently, I prefer to use google search console to check backlinks.
Many of blogger really want to know some methods by which they can create quality backlinks. This post is really for those who are willing to create such backlinks , that can help to grow their website performance.