Best 6 Way to Increase Your Blog or Website Traffic

Whenever you ask any marketer or a business owner what they most want in their life, there always answer that “more users and customers.” However, on a firm’s wish list, what commonly thought after customers? Get more visitors on their website or blog.

These are the top six points for quickly increase your website traffic:


On-page SEO also known as “on-site SEO,” is the best way of indexing your web pages in search engines for the users. On-page SEO activities like title tags, content, internal links, and URLs. It’s also important to boost your website traffic.

Off-page SEO is the second technique for creating backlinks from the out of the website, which plays an important role in improving website ranking

SEO strategy still plays an important and successful role. Here are some more techniques that you shouldn’t forget to use for your website like; image alt-text, internal links, meta tags, and descriptions. On-page SEO optimization is the best way to boost your website’s organic traffic.


Long-tail keywords are highly recommended for your product or service. Whenever your client searches a very specific keyword on search engines, they are looking for something specific product and service. Keywords always play a crucial role for increase general generic searches and results of purchases, people are searches when they already made a decision to buy.

How you identified that your selected keywords are high-intent and well-known keyword phrases? Then it is time to get your attention to long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords play a major role in many web searches, so if you are not using long-tail keywords in your SEO and paid campaigns, you are missed good searches.


Have you ever wait for loading a website for twenty to thirty seconds? I don’t be aware either. If your website takes, a lot of time to load, in that case, your website in bounce rate would be highly increased. Make sure your web pages are technically optimized, including page layout, image file sizes, and third-party plugin functionality.

It’s good if your site easily load. A few extra seconds of your website can now able to engage your audience and close sales. Therefore, fast loading website is most important for Google rankings that is the bottom line for a healthy site.


Before saying anything about it, which you might have listened from others, I want to tell you that guest blogging is still a well-known SEO technique. Getting a guest post on famous blogs will help you increase your website traffic and improve your brand presence. For the last two-year guest blogging criteria have changed, many bloggers using spam techniques, so be careful from that spammy blogs. Because of that blogs can search engines will penalties your blog or website.

As a result, it’s crucial that write a guest post that is related to your business. So that you can improve your website results and traffic.


Create excellent content is not enough that your audience will discover it; you must share your content on social media channels. Share your content on social media platforms is one best and impressive ways to boost your website traffic. Twitter is the best and fast and tempting link, as Google+ promotion begins in customized search results and the best way to work in B2B niches. if you are in the B2C product business, share your images on Social Media sites like Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, could help you get more profit traction. You can learn more about here, how to make Social Media Marketing.


For increase your traffic and sales to your web pages, you should need to pay attention on your paid search campaigns with high traffic target keywords. These searching keywords are highly competitive and can be intense and costly; the rewards can be well price the effort.

We will also do this because it is the most explicit. Our smart ads creators use paid social media advertising and display ads campaigns that are the best options to reach a potential audience. You pay for advertising to reach your goal – what you want to increase your site traffic or also increase conversions?

Each payment method has advantage and disadvantage, so think your aims before reaching for your payment details.


I have only told the strategies, which are free or need limited resources. Of course, if you are willing to invest, you can buy traffic from the paid advertising like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other paid platforms.