Designing a logo can cost up to $5000!

Because it is the most essential component of any business, it is practically the ‘face’ of your business and the one your audience remembers you with! It is an important part of your company’s brand and the one that your customer associates you with. This is the reason companies spend a major chunk of their budget on their logo. But what do you do when you cannot afford or cannot find the resources to have a professional design your logo? You make one yourself using the Logozila logo maker tool available on the internet. These tools are specially designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to give them the easy, efficient, and straightforward medium to create their own logo. 

These online logo makers are simple-to-use and user-friendly that do not require prior designing skills and knowledge and can be used by anyone to create logos for any business. This lets the user customize the logo according to their preference and heart’s content. From the stock of images, graphics, templates, colors, fonts, and layouts the user tailor-makes their own business logo.

But before you get excited, let’s expound on the goods and bad of these free tools.

The goods

 These tools are mostly free to use and offer a multitude of options to select from, customize and create your own logo. And some of them are paid that offer exclusive templates and designs to choose from. And these cost between $5-$120 max. Super budget-friendly!

Secondly, unlike professional designers and agencies, these tools are available 24/7 so you can use them as per your convenience and play with them as much as you want.

These are fast and reliable to get the job done, you can design a logo within a matter of minutes and customize them till they look the best version you imagined.

The bads

The logos created are mostly generic-looking with no science behind them. Although they are simple and user-friendly, you do need to put some effort and have a sound design aesthetic so your logo can reflect your business persona.  And since most of the logo creator tools are free, many people around the world use them, which means it does not patent the logos and many other companies can use it.

Here is the list of best logo makers for you to get started!

As the name suggests the website asks the user to input details about the business name, industry, preferences. The app will then gauge the information and preference and generate a range of logos accordingly. The user can then pick any and customize it as per their need. The fun part is with each edit the app prompts the user with a helpful explanation and context behind it. It costs around $3-$10 to download different resolution files.


Looka uses AI to help understand the business before generating the logos. User chooses their preferred logo along with color palette, symbols, and fonts from a list. It is a modern and professional tool to generate logos based on AI. Cost ranges from $20-$65 for a full range of design files. 


The user picks five designs with varied colors, shapes, and fonts according to their industry type, as with Looks. The tool does an amazing job at pairing graphics with typography and an appealing color scheme. The end result is a simple but modern logo for your business. You need to make an account to download the file and the price range for different files varies from $20-$150.


Just enter your business name, industry, and preference in color, style, font, and the app does the dirty work for you! Once you have picked your logo you can customize it and make changes according to your need. You can choose colors ranging from gradient to flat composition. It is easy to use and free!


It gives you a blank canvas to play around with. Just drag and drop the icons, texts, and colors to create your own tailor-made logo. It provides a full spectrum of tools and it integrates Google fonts to give you a wide variety of typefaces. The options are overwhelming but if you have the eye of a designer you can create a quality logo from scratch! The low-resolution files are free to download but it costs around $7 for an SVG vector file.

For budget-conscious businesses, these tools are a great way to give your brand a creative interface. It is a good starting point with multiple options available to build a free logo.