Easy funding platform to raise money for different projects

During this era, the one who is rich is getting richer day by day, and the one who is poor becoming more poor day after day. So everyone has to put his full efforts and work hard to become a successful person and help others. We have developed an easy funding platform for those people who are needy and helpless and are waiting for other’s help and for those who are rich and have enough extra money to help others by just donating a small amount of money. The people who are rich and have enough money to donate are also encouraged and approached through this platform to help others for the welfare of mankind.

Some people are enough rich but they don’t have anyone to spend that money on, some people are depressed by having a huge amount of money with themselves and they want to make their money productive, so this platform is for such people to encourage them to donate for the mighty cause and make their money productive not for themselves but for others for a mighty cause. Soo many people in this universe are living a life below the poverty line and they need donations for food and shelter, health and education, and emergency needs. So it is a compulsion for those who can afford to help such people without thinking about any return.

Some years ago no easy funding platform doesn’t exist donations were collected manually during meetings with people on fundraising events on public platforms. The manual system of fundraising was very difficult to keep the record of the transactions and then providing the specified money to the acceptors. As this is a digital era, there are so many social media platforms to raise the money where you can attract people so we have made this platform on which non-profit organizations, as well as the fundraiser and those who are in need, can raise funds by joining the platform after meeting the criteria. This will make the fundraising easier for the NGO’s as well as the people in need.

First, you have to join the easy funding platform by signup and login. After that, you have to donate 20 dollars to any of the projects is the list because every little helps as many little drops make the mighty ocean. This is just an easy fundraising strategy to collect donations for each and every project in a timely manner and this will not benefit the platform or anyone else. As you donate to any of the projects of your interest then someone other will also donate to your project while submitting his project to the list. As you donated 20 dollars now you are allowed to submit your project or fundraising campaign and can also post that to the different social media platforms to reach more donors. You have to submit your project with a valid story and a persuasive presentation as the donors have different interests according to which they donate.

As the project reaches the specified amount easy funding platform terminates it and it is included in the completed list and the fundraiser is sent a ping to withdraw the money. Then you thank the donors and withdraw the money through pay pal or through your bank account. This platform charges 2 percent of the total amount as a managing fee which is also used for welfare purposes. As you withdraw the money then your project is submitted as a success story of the platform in the section of success stories. The platform takes the oath from every visitor to donate and support the needy at the time of need