Graphic design or web design? Which is better?

This is a commonly asked question for designers which is better, graphic or web designing? However, it is important to note that they both have different ways of working. We can’t really say which one is better. Because graphic design focuses on visual appearance for example clothes and comic books. They design to make things look more visually appealing. Whereas on the other hand, we have web designing. They mainly design websites and pages for the company in an aesthetic and engaging way to attract clients.

If your business is currently looking for a graphic design agency UK but is skeptical about what services to acquire then let this article be the ultimate guide on the difference between the two most confusing design concepts.

What is Graphic Design?

A graphic designer requires a lot of skills and it is also sometimes known as visual designing. Graphic designing is used to create an identity for a company. Graphic designers basically create the connection between the company and the customer as they design unique video games, banners, presentations, etc.

They use different types of font and styles to design their work, depending on the client’s demands.

There are types of graphic designing and some of them include:

1. Advertising

The company hires graphic designers for brand awareness and advertising purposes. Such as the graphics required on t-shirts, magazines, business cards, logos, thumbnails documents, etc.

2. Social Media Application

Graphic designers also design applications for a company. If a company has an application for their users the graphic designer designs the whole application for them, such as buttons design, settings, theme, and colors, and more.

3. Books and Comics

You must have seen thousands of book covers and comic books but have you ever wondered how are they designed? Graphic designers also happen to design book covers according to the story. They make comic books, create animations, choose the fonts and styles of newspapers as per the project they are working on.

What is Web Designing?

Web design is the process of designing a website for a brand. The first thing a web designer designs are the look of the website and this is done by keeping in mind the kind of brand they are working for. For example, if they are working on a cafe website then they need to choose the fonts, colors, layouts, and patterns according to the cafe.

A recent trend with designers is adding moving gifs on the website front page to bring more energy to the website and make it much more interactive.

Graphic design vs. Web design?
  • Graphic designers do not go through the programming and coding process, unlike web designers.
  • Graphic designers tend to emphasize the visual appearance of a product, rather than its functionality.
  • Web design needs impeccable coding skills to create a website that is functional and effective.
  • Both graphic and web design uses similar tools and techniques

Choose which of the two may be beneficial for your business. If you are designing a website a web designer maybe your best bet, however, if you require frequent designs for your posts or even wish to change the look of your site graphic designers are the ones to hire!