How fashion guest posting sites can improve ranking

Guest Posting is one of the popular trend of SEO article writing in 2021. Through this method you get to post or submit a blog post on another blog and in turn get a link back to your site. The main reason of utilizing this method of SEO is to get easy backlinks and increase your visibility in the search engines. Along with the easy backlinks that you can get from this method, you will also increase your page rank and be able to secure better page rank with big search engines such as Google and MSN. There are a lot of ways to fashion guest posts and you need to be familiar with all of them if you are going to be successful with this method.

Very first and one of the most popular way to fashion a guest post is to try to put yourself into the visitor’s shoes and see if you can provide anything of value to him. When you do this you can try to adjust your perspective on the world and the things that visitors can get benefit from. You can focus on the flaws of the product that you are promoting in the eyes of your visitor and see if you can provide an alternative that he can appreciate.

Importance of author Bio

Another very important step in fashioning a guest post is to include your bio and a link to your site. When you have just started a blog and is new to the online industry, it is quite difficult to get noticed by your readers, but with relevant guest posts you can guarantee that you will be noticed. Most blog owners are quite aware of the importance of page rank and they would be happy to promote your site with a higher page rank as long as you provide good content.

Another very efficient way to increase your page rank is to write and submit articles on the most popular high page rank article directory. You need to understand that this is one of the most effective ways to increase your traffic volume. When you research on the right kind of article directory, you will be able to find hundreds of high page rank directories that you can use to post your articles.

Role of social bookmarking sites

You can also try to use the social bookmarking sites to help increase your SEO. The most popular sites that you can use includes YouTube, Digg, and MySpace. These sites are tremendously important for your SEO; and if you submit good enough quality material on these sites, you can easily get massive amounts of traffic.

These are just some of the many effective SEO tips that you can keep in mind. But since SEO really is vital for the success of your blog; and since it is becoming more and more important for you to secure a good search engine optimization; it is important for you to make some wise choices.

Free guest posting sites 2020

It might come as a surprise to many people to realize that the majority of major search engines decide the ranking of websites and blogs based on the number of high quality links that lead to said websites or blogs. You should realize that it is not simply enough to have a high volume of backlinks. The sites that have the most backlinks are the websites that have the highest Google PageRank. Find out for yourself which websites have a high PageRank. You can use the Google PageRank tool to check.

Unfortunately, there is no simple tool that will allow you to know this information:

  • Do not trust “Top Ten Searches” lists. These lists are made by Google programmers who aren’t exactly free – they work hard to keep the list close to the truth.
  • If you are looking for a different way to make money then one of these lists will work. Most of the sites listed will work, but a few will not.
  • If you are using a blog format, then you will want to read the blog post a few times that it is written on. A few blog posts per week will be enough. Search engines love change. They revaluate the server they are using and the deformers will have to be updated all the time.
  • If you are on a shared server then you might want to get a virtual host with a faster connection. If you are on a shared server then you might want to consider moving to a dedicated server with a fast connection. You might be surprised with the speeds.

Go to [] and see which directories you have listed in. Don’t be shocked if you have some that aren’t showing up. Chances are you have a lot more than you realized.

Directory Submissions

Do not submit to too many directories in a short time. You might be wasting your valuable time. There are too many. It will take months to build a name with your directories. One way to tell is to go to DMOZ. Click on each directory that you think fits your site. See if it is listed in DMOZ. If it is not, then DMOZ is not a good site to link too.

Find out which search engines have the most traffic. Then target those.

You need to get listed in the directories long before you start your link campaign. The search engines will take time to spider and list your site.

Do not be discouraged if you only get a few links through months. Reciprocal links should be treated with caution. If you are not getting the reciprocal links then it is not because the sites are not popular. It is because the search engines are not linking to them.

Unique content & beyond

Keep your articles unique and original. If you rehash others content it will get caught up in duplicate content filters of the search engines and the links you get will not be count.

Try to get more one-way links than reciprocal links. In one word, one way links to your site is better than reciprocal links. The search engines will value your site more.

Always submit to the main search engines.

Avoid black hat techniques like cloaking, hidden text and doorway pages.

You need to monitor your link campaign frequently.

Post your sites to the article directories more often.

Sum up

By providing fresh and interesting content on your blog by using the SEO techniques that I have provided you with, you can have more web traffic that is targeted to your readers’ needs. You will also be able to retain this traffic and make conversions from that traffic that will help you to grow your business and your bank account.