How To Drive Lead Conversions Through Leveraging Video Content On Your Website?

Video content plays an essential role in lead conversions. As per Hubspot, about 64% of individuals decide to buy a product or service after watching a promotional video. Many companies know the sanctity of video content. Therefore, most of the time, they hire a professional explainer video production company to promote their products or services.

Expert marketers leverage video content to either increase their brand awareness, deliver a compelling story behind the brand, or simply generate sales conversions. This is because there’s an 80% increase in conversion rate with persuasive video content as per EyeWideDigital.

If you’re still pondering how to convert leads into sales genuinely, then read further below.

Use Live Stream Feature on Social Media Platforms

Social media is always loaded with tons of video content. Therefore, if you want to speak about your brand, whether it may be an announcement or a promotion of a new product, going live is the most viable option. Remember that every social media serves a different purpose. For instance, a live feed on Instagram may not have the same impact as on Twitter and vice versa. As per a report on Facebook Live, 78% approve the platform as a useful tool to market brands.

Leverage Video Advertising

Targeting your audience with effective and compelling video advertising content is a brilliant marketing strategy. You can easily interact with mobile and desktop users with concise but impactful content. There are various ways to connect with your audience. It could either be through social media, in-stream video content, or even banner ads. Most of the users are on mobile devices, exponentially rise in the near future. There are several ways you can utilize video content in your email marketing campaigns. That includes,

  • Product Descriptions
  • Educational Videos
  • Promotion of events and fairs.
  • Testimonials
Feature Videos On Landing Pages

Landing pages are all about generating and converting leads. What can be better and more engaging than incorporating a visually appealing and compelling video that speaks about your brand? Videos are much easier to comprehend than text. Therefore, making a short and brief video that includes an introduction to the company and a powerful call to action in the form of a phone number or sign-up to a newsletter will make more conversions.

Hook them up with a persuasive headline and use easy-to-read text. Include a video with a concise message of what you want your target audience to do for your company. You have an offer of an impressive value proposition in the form of providing solutions to their problems, your reliability to gain their trust, or make your brand stand out from the competition. As a result, you’ll increase your click-through rate and generate leads.


Savvy marketers are always on the lookout for leveraging every possible opportunity to make impactful video content to target their audience. Whether it may be for educational purposes, entertainment, or increase brand awareness. Video marketing is an effective way to interact with your target audience, creating video content that resonates with your audience to yield the desired outcomes.