How to write great blogs?

Are you willing to write your first ever blog content? But don’t know how to start, right?

Creating a great post is not a child play. If you would like to write down a far better blog post and high-quality articles, you would like to be an expert at writing, right?

Today I’ll be sharing step by step guide on how to write your first blog post. So let’s get started!

1. Decide what to write:

I know this sounds funny but I can’t stress enough how crucial it’s .

Just like you can’t become an honest swimmer without swimming, similarly, you can’t become a far better writer without writing. So stop thinking much and get started writing.

Inorder to attract someone to your blog, you need to answer the questions and problems that they’re searching for answers to. What are they going to be searching for? What do they want to know about? What will resonate with them?

If you’ve got never written a blog post earlier, the primary challenge is to make a decision what you’ll write on .

If you’re hooked in to something, you’ll love writing that also .

2. Do research before writing:

At the point when I began composing blog articles, I used to spend numerous hours composing a blog article that was not really even 1000 words. I was spending more time researching than writing.

If you furthermore may end up to be a really slow writer, maybe you’re spending your writing time in research or something that you simply shouldn’t do while writing a blog post.

So the next time you write a blog article, do your research beforehand then start writing – that way you’ll be ready to create more content in less time also, this will in the end assist you with composing blog entries quicker.

3. Have Subjective Knowledge:

Before you begin writing about any particular topic, you would like to possess prior subjective knowledge that topic.

Read as many blog articles as you can so that you will learn more. Furthermore, coincidentally, don’t simply peruse yet additionally break down and pick up copywriting hacks like how those articles are begun, organized, and finished up.

If you already realize that topic, that’s perfect, if not, go and skim other blogs, magazine articles, books, anything you’ll get information from.

4. Write Headline:

Initial 9 out of 10 individuals will peruse the feature and just 3 out of them will peruse the substance. So always start with a catchy headline that draws readers attention.

In the event that your feature isn’t alluring, nobody will peruse your article. Also, writing the headline of your blog post first makes sure you don’t get away from the subject .

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5. Make Article Skimmable:

Proceed with proper content that readers will love.

A good piece of content is between 500 words to 1000 words, anything but 500 words is bad for SEO perspective and quite 1000 words is annoying to readers.

So break them in little passages and make the article skimmable so as that perusers don’t think that its exhausting.

6. Don’t use complex words:

Most writers think that they have to write down a high-quality article by using complex words in their writing.

But that’s not how blog writing is. Individuals read sites since they need something more obvious than their scholastic books. And that’s what your goal should be.

When reading a blog post, nobody keeps a vocabulary to seek out the meaning of complex words.

So quit utilizing complex words in your composition and cause it so basic that even a fifth standard child to can without much of a stretch comprehend your composition.

7. Be Yourself:

When you are beginning to write your first blog post, it’s easy to urge attracted towards other successful writers and replica their literary genre .

But don’t try to copy anyone’s style. Write in your own style, act naturally in light of the fact that your composing style is your image.

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8. Use Attractive Images:

Use images in your blog posts because “Images do the talking” and sometimes they are doing the reasons during a far better way than what your thousands of words can’t do.

So use images in your blog post to form it more beautiful and professional also .

9. Formatting Tips:

Before this modern time, write use to just create content, they don’t even correctly format the content.

Don’t be one of those writers. Utilize legitimate composing designs and consider: utilizing list items to make it straight forward and snappy, striking letters to underscore, features classifications, for example, h1, h2, h3 and so on whenever required.

Proper formatting is crucial as it makes a good impression and provides a better reading experience.

10. Be an interesting writer:

Probably the most straightforward approaches to abstain from being exhausting while at the same time composing a blog article is: Use I and You in your blog articles.

When do so, the people reading your blog article will find your blog articles to be interesting as if you’re lecture them.

11. End with Call to Action:

What a peruser ought to do in the wake of perusing your blog entry?

Don’t keep them hanging within the middle, allow them to know what to try to to next. Always end up with a call to action.

A call to action are often anything depending upon your preferences but less than one.

End up your blog post motivating your readers to do something like asking their views about the topic, asking a question, or simply are quest to share your blog post.


So, that’s all about the way to write better blog articles albeit you aren’t good at writing. If your writing sucks, no problem! Simply follow these blog writing tips and you’ll be ready to become a far better blog writer and write better blog content.

At the top of the day, it is vital to write down consistently and regularly . There are tons of blog posts out there, so confirm to settle on quality over quantity.

Always commit yourself to a blogging schedule. The more often you blog, the more likely you’re to urge found.

After all, each new blogpost is an opportunity to attract new visitors as well as a continuation to your overall content savings account.