The Importance of Hiring an eCommerce SEO Expert

Like any serious business, you want your website to rank on the first page of Google for your most important keywords and phrases. This is the optimal way to drive traffic right now, but getting to this point is not always easy. Unless you have an extensive background with SEO (as well as several other skills such as web design), you’re most likely not going to be able to handle this task on your own.

This is why hiring an eCommerce SEO expert may be in your best interest. Even if you are on a reliable eCommerce platform such as Shopify or BigCommerce, there’s no automatic solution for SEO that will magically rank your website. In fact, such a solution doesn’t exist, at least not in the sense of installing a certain theme or plugin that will somehow boost your rankings without any manual work.

SEO for eCommerce actually requires a variety of different skills and experience in the field. Because SEO is constantly changing, and you can only figure out what works by analyzing certain data sets and repeating processes over time, only a true expert can expect to get you real results. This is not a field that can be handled by amateurs.

The Benefits of Shopify eCommerce SEO Experts
The main benefit of hiring a team of experts for your SEO is that you don’t have to try and figure out what works on your own. SEO is hard enough, in the sense that ranking on Google is difficult as it is. You don’t have the time or the money to waste trying to figure out a solution, only to realize you have been going about it the wrong way for months and need to start at square one again.

Real eCommerce Shopify SEO experts already know what it takes to rank on Google and understand the specifics when it comes to creating SEO strategies that get results. Even if you are in a competitive industry, an SEO company worth it’s salt will have a method or system that they use to get reliable results. This is because search engine optimization is still based on certain sets of factors, despite how difficult it is to rank. Proper keyword research, meticulous placement of said keywords, engaging content, and high-quality backlinks. If implemented correctly, these methods will get results, but you can’t afford to let novices handle these tasks. You need experts with real-world experience managing your campaign if you are serious about getting results.

The Right Experts For The Job
So what does an expert agency look like? They will have knowledge and experience with both SEO and working on eCommerce. This is important because while SEO is a skill-set all its own, applying it to eCommerce specifically is an entirely different matter. Online stores are popping up every day in your niche, which makes competition fierce. You need solutions that go above and beyond mere SEO.

An expert SEO team will be able to put together a strategy for you that will actually generate positive results over time, through in-depth keyword research and a proper understanding of on-page optimizations, backlink generation, and other aspects of SEO. If this is the kind of eCommerce SEO service you need for your business, Genius eCommerce® may be the agency you need to get in touch with.

Genius eCommerce® is an agency built around SEO for eCommerce. Their team works diligently to understand all of the nuances of the eCommerce landscape, giving them deep insight into how to rank sites even in the most competitive niches. Talk to them today to find out how they can help your business succeed.

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