What is video marketing and the metrics to achieve your video marketing goals

You have made videos for your company, such as video testimonials and promotional videos. You are planning to upload your video to YouTube. What should you do next? Is your video production a success? Did you reach your target audience? How does your video marketing help your business?

Many have heard of “video marketing” or digital marketing through content. If not, it could be why your videos aren’t getting the recognition you think they deserve. Look at this article to discover the areas you have left out in your video marketing strategy.

What exactly is video marketing

This article provides the statistics of the digital marketing you are doing. Plus, essential video features enable you to get the most out of internet video marketing.

You should consider seven main video metrics when deciding how to promote a video. We will review them and suggest how to improve the video quality. First, you must create a quality video with a video editor like FlexClip. It would be helpful if you make sure the video is related to the exact topic you want to highlight.

After creation, certain aspects are more important than others, but you should keep them in mind when uploading your videos. Follow these steps to help you achieve your video content marketing goals. As a result, you will see your number in digital marketing increase.

Steps to achieve your video content marketing goals


On social networks, social sharing allows you to track the number of people who share your content through social networks. Consider sharing your content on Facebook. Think of the “Share” button on Facebook. It’s a great idea to consider posting your content on Facebook.

Many people believe that it is the ultimate video marketing strategy. It is essential to keep this in mind when you think about your marketing strategies with digital media. However, it’s not the most important number to consider in determining if you’ve succeeded in your video marketing.

What is the importance of sharing on social networks? Because it could lead to “views,” and those views generally increase sharing. This is a real-time view of how your viewers interact with your video on the internet.

If the purpose of your marketing effort is to reach as many people as possible, consider these ideas:

  • Mainly, make content for distribution. It should be educational or fun.
  • Be sure to post your videos to someone you respect or include them as a hashtag in your Facebook post. I have a wedding videographer who not only “tags” the wedding party but also the bride and groom. Tag all the bridal parties, including the parents. The more people tagged, the more photos are likely to be posted on Facebook.
  • So it’s best to ask viewers to make sure they share your video. It may sound simple, but it is. Despite that, people are eager to see their peers succeed.

View Count

View count is a simple calculation to determine the total number of viewers who have watched your videos. Viewers probably saw the video through someone else who shared it with her friends, similar to the one mentioned in the previous paragraph.

But keep in mind that not all platforms count views similarly. Facebook and Instagram count views after watching for three seconds and YouTube after 30 seconds. It seems that all social networks use their way of counting. This helps when comparing two videos on YouTube (since they are counted in the same way), but not when trying to get to the same video posted by the same person on YouTube or Facebook.


View Rate is the percentage of people who view your video by clicking it to play it. The view rate is an excellent indicator to assess the importance of the area in which the video will be shown and how attractive it is for viewers.

If you’re looking to improve game speed, it’s worth considering:

  • Resize your video to 1/4 of the page instead of tiny thumbnails, or move it further up the page. “Above the fold” on your site is essential for video marketing. Most users do not realize that it is possible to navigate to specific websites. If you have uploaded your posted social video to the bottom of your page, people may not be able to see it. Videos should be placed near the top of your page to draw attention to the video content.
  • Make or choose an attractive thumbnail. This is what usually draws viewers to watch social media. Make sure you don’t leave this empty or use whatever default value you decide to set.


Engagement is the percentage of viewers in a position to watch. This number will reveal what percentage of your movie viewers saw, and this is very useful.

Engagement rates will help you gauge the impact of your video and ensure the effectiveness of your video. For example, do viewers see your YouTube ad near the video? Otherwise, you need to “provoke” your viewers with a call to action at the beginning of the video so that the people you’d like to attract will watch the video until you announce your special discount until the video is complete.

Call to action

Refers to the percentage of viewers who click on the call to action you’ve added. CTR can provide professional B2B marketing insight into how effectively your video influences viewers to click.


Conversion rate is the number of leads or customers you gained through your marketing campaign or video ad. Maybe they bought something, signed up, or filled out a questionnaire, and all of that counts!

Calculating conversion rate is a bit more complicated than the other metrics. It is normal to use analysis software to help with this. What is the minimum standard for determining which “account” to complete your customer’s desired actions? Did you review all the product videos before you bought it? Maybe just 30 seconds or maybe two minutes? It is crucial to set your goals and objectives before the time you start.