Your Advertising Guide: How to Manage Instagram Advertising ROI

Instagram! Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that this app has incredible benefits for brands that choose to use it.

Did you know that over 200 million users will have a look at a minimum of one business profile every day?

83% of these guys will discover new services and new products as a direct result of using Instagram.

That’s a ton of the potential market that your brand should just be waiting to tap into! But, advertising ROI can be difficult to measure, and keeping track of your campaigns and their performance is key to the overall evaluation of your spending. We’ve got you covered!

Instagram and Facebook Are Married

When it comes to advertising, Instagram and Facebook go hand in hand. If you’ve ever had a look at the creator studio that Facebook offers, you’d notice that you can manage the business page and advertising efforts of both platforms in one place.

This is because the advertising campaigns for both platforms can be cross-contaminated so you can reach both audiences.

Ultimately though, the choice of where you choose to display your advertising should be based on solid target market research. Where does your audience hang out? That’s where you should target your advertising.

Advertising on Instagram

One of the most recognized benefits of advertising on Instagram is the ability to create highly targeted advertisements.

Your Instagram advertising can be targeted at things like demographics, location, behavior, interests, and more. Also, you can create lookalike audiences, this means that your target audience can be customized to exactly who it is you’re looking for.

At the end of the day, your advertising ROI will be higher specifically because you can target audiences that you know are interested in your product or service, as opposed to casting a wide, hard-to-read net.

Instagram Advertising ROI

Calculating ROI can be frustrating when it comes to any advertising endeavor, never mind just Instagram. Nowadays it seems that all the things we have to measure have just created this long list which never seems to end.

Are we measuring likes? Follows? Engagement rates? Click-throughs? Product sales?

At the end of the day, your main goal should be to create revenue. The only surefire way for you to calculate your ROI is to record what you’re spending. your advertisement (this includes design cost, advertising budget, etc.) and combine it with a unique link that can measure the amount of traffic you’ve generated or the sales you’ve made.

Money spent versus sales made will give you your advertising ROI. The future of Instagram means that you will be able to adapt your advertising tactics as time passes, further increasing your ROI and your brand touchpoints.

Advertising Success With Instagram

Advertising on Instagram can be super advantageous to your brand, and not just for increasing your advertising ROI but to boost engagement rates and brand awareness too.

After all, Instagram is an incredibly visual platform that truly allows you to create a brand experience for your target audience and not just throw sales at them.

If you use it right, your advertising ROI will only show improvement!

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