5 Inspiring eCommerce website design in 2021


One of the reasons why customers are drawn to a company is because of the image they portray. That goes the same way when it comes to eCommerce businesses. Their website represents who they are and what the company does. Thus, it is important that the company has a good eCommerce website designing layout. 

Giving a good impression on your eCommerce website customers is essential. However, what is more, important is that the good impression your customers have for your business will last long. This can be done by incorporating a great eCommerce website design Singapore plan. In this article, we’ll highlight five eCommerce websites of 2020 that you can draw website design inspiration from.

#1 – Bon Bon Bon

If your company sells food products, Bon Bon Bon’s website is a good place to draw inspiration from. Bon Bon Bon is an artisan chocolate company and their website perfectly embodies it. Their eCommerce website designing arrangement portrays fun. There are a lot of things going on in their website design but surprisingly, it works. The different colors, patterns, designs, and shapes all blend well together. 

Furthermore, other elements of their eCommerce website design Singapore presentation have something fun in it. For example, their add to cart section’s design is a cardboard box design almost similar to their packaging. In addition to that, they also used a fun font that is perfect for the fun names they give their products.

#2 – Sierra Designs

If you are looking for website design inspiration that is eye-catching and user-friendly, take a look at Sierra Designs’ website. The first thing that you will notice on their website is the professionally taken photos which give a feeling of adventure and liveliness. High-quality photography is essential in any eCommerce website designing style. This is because it increases its level of aesthetics. In the case of Sierra Designs, their clean aesthetic design is a good balance to its responsive design.

Their responsive eCommerce website design Singapore structure makes it easier for their users to view their online store. Their online shop can be viewed on any screen size. As a result, their customers get a good user experience. Thus, customers will not have a problem coming back to a website like Sierra Designs.


Beauty company websites are required to embody a beautiful design to attract customers. What is great about ESQIDO is that they use their beauty fake lash products’ images as the main element of their eCommerce website designing layout. They flaunt the beauty of their products through photography. Each product is given a full-close-up shot including its intricate packaging. Thus, customers can not only see the beauty of their website as a whole. They can also get a clear view of the lashes.

In addition, ESQIDO has a short video on their homepage. The video explains how to apply fake lashes which not only helps the customers but also increases on-page time. Thus, other companies should also consider putting helpful videos on their eCommerce website design Singapore arrangement.

#4 – hebe

Another eCommerce website designing presentation that makes good use of high-quality photos is hebe. As an online clothing store, hebe relies on high definition photos in order to sell their apparel. For that reason, they also use these photographs as the design of their website.

Aside from photography, the typography of hebe’s website is great. The font they use is a little bit thicker than what you usually see online. In addition to that, the fonts are also easy to read even if they have lots of pictures. As a result, the font used made their eCommerce website design Singapore layout stand out even further.

#5 – Dick Moby

Dick Moby is an eCommerce company that sells sunglasses. What makes their eCommerce website designing style stand out is how the images of their sunglasses are arranged. If you go to their shop page, you will see that the glasses are alone without anything in the background. This style helps the product stand out better. Thus, customers can appreciate product images well.

Furthermore, Dick Moby uses fun patterns and squiggles at the top of their home page. They also include high-quality pictures of their glasses and their models. Overall, their website design is able to give a unique feeling for the sunglasses that they are selling.

Let’s bring your website design inspiration to life

As you can see, each website design that we had highlighted here has great elements that are good to incorporate in an eCommerce website design Singapore layout. Have you found the website design inspiration for your business? Let’s work together to bring that design inspiration to life.