Everything about E-commerce and its services

 What is E-commerce? 

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is the process of buying or selling any product or service, on the digital platform. Examples of this can simply include buying a dress online, or buying a train or plane ticket; all these activities include engaging in e-commerce.

Why is E-commerce necessary these days?

With the advent of internet being available to everyone around the globe, people have started to engage in using the web in all the aspects of their lives. And this is when Digital Marketing emerged. Digital Marketing simply refers to the process of marketing a product or service on the internet/social media. Everyone these days have social media accounts and that is why this platform is the best for targeting the audience for marketing. But what use is having a website and online or presence when the user can only scroll through it but not make a purchase? After all, the whole advantage of any process being online is its advantage of being able to access it from the comfort of one’s home. That is why having a payment gateway and turning the website into a commercial business is necessary. 

Types of E-commerce 

There is not just one type of E-commerce website but actually 5. All these E-commerce models should be chosen depending on what kind of service you provide. Different E-commerce models are chosen  on your own, or with the guidance of a website development company or an e-commerce website development services.

The first one is B2C – Business to Consumer, this means the sale is done between a business and a consumer. For instance, buying a quilt online. Second is B2B – Business to Business. This model functions between 2 businesses. Example- manufacturer and wholesaler. Third one is D2C, that is, Direct to Consumer. This is one of the newest models and is widely used these days. The best example of this is the small businesses that are being run on social media these days, like Instagram or Facebook. Fourth model is Consumer to Consumer and the best example of this can be OLX, or eBay, where one customer sells a product for another. Last model of E-commerce is Consumer to Business (C2B) and here one business outsources a service from another business or individual, like even one business hiring an e-commerce development company in India to provide website development services. 

E-commerce website development services

There are tons of services provided by an e-commerce website development services company in India.  But if we try to sum these up in one paragraph then these include  (a) e-commerce consulting services; (b) e-commerce auditing services;(c) e-commerce optimization; (d) e-commerce mobile app; (e) B2C – B2B portal development; (f) auction and bidding solutions; (g) ticketing and booking solution; and (h)  Social E-commerce solution.

Advantages of E-commerce

There are many advantages of hiring an E-commerce development company and a few of them have been mentioned below.

  • Accessibility and speed – One of the biggest advantages of an eCommerce site is how the shopper has the advantage of accessing it from their room, so no trouble of standing in line queues and huge crowds. Websites run quickly, and even the transaction takes less time as compared to going and shopping in a store. And also, it is easier to find the product of your choice on a website than to find it in an offline store, where people often get lost in aisles. 


  • International reach – An offline store is limit to one area, one place, one town. It can not move. And thus, can not reach customers. A huge advantage of an eCommerce site is its reach. When advertised and designed properly, the website can manage to attract customers from all over the globe, from people of all walks of life. 


  • Low cost – Even if you don’t buy a place for your outlet store, you would still have to rent one, then electricity bill, hiring a whole staff and many other additional costs. All this is not need when you have the business. All that you’ll need is to hire an e-commerce website development services someone to make your site and you are ready to go. 

Disadvantages of E-commerce

  • Security – It isn’t a surprise that there is a certain level of risk.When it comes to transactions being done on the internet. There are many skilled hackers out there who can make a whole fake e-commerce website. With a few fake products pictures and then try to entice people to make the payment. This risk is for the customer and even the sellers. The website can get hacked and then the important data could get leake. 


  • Customer Service – When you shop from an offline retail store. You can clear whatever doubts you have about the product or service. But this can not be done in an online store. This creates the process of making the purchase totally mechanical and sometimes can even leave the customers unsatisfied.

There are advantages and disadvantages of every single process and idea out there, but when it comes to e-commerce, the advantages are more in number and thus makes it all the more reason to not miss out on this great opportunity to expand your business and hire an e-commerce development company in India or website development services.