Which technology is best for eCommerce website?

Nowadays technology is emerging out seasonally, so now you have to opt for the best technology for an e-commerce website. We are in the era where mobile e-commerce and in-chat e-commerce, speed, and ease of integration are everything. Features like powerful search functions, social media integrations, Up-selling and Cross-selling. Are not only just market trends but also the mandates for building conversion is driven & delightful user experience. Using the internet as a blessing we have got endless opportunities for businesses and many of the people have turned to the web to contact their target markets.

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Let’s dive into the following latest best technologies for e-commerce website:


Magento is the most popular and reliable e-commerce platform. No one can beat Magento for B2B & B2C customers. Magento provides you with the Best Ecommerce Development Services. In terms of digital marketing, it is a powerful SEO friendly platform with prominent features that can be easily customized. It also offers your store the ability to integrate with third-party products & services makes it a favorite among the community.


BigCommerce is another most powerful e-commerce platform. For a surprise, it’s pricing isn’t that different. It offers you four subscription options paid annually.


Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce sites and constantly developing web technology used by Top e-commerce development companies. It provides you impressive professionally designed template for your storefront, it also offers you multiple add-ons with responsive checkout being one of them. Plus, Shopify has a Bitcoin payment gateway that your customers can use to make payments.

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WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for the WordPress CMS platform. You can easily create and manage an online store with WooCommerce, with reasonable levels of flexibility & several vital features such as inventory & tax management, shipping integration, and secure payments so on.


OpenCart is one of the best e-commerce solutions that provide you with prominent features like simplicity, flexibility, & multi-functionality.

Final Thoughts:

Apart from the above, there are multiple e-commerce tools and technologies. It’s always good to know what resources it requires to build an e-commerce store from start-to-finish. Creating your online e-commerce store? Shiv Technolabs Pvt. ltd will turn your idea into a reality that will add value to your potential and increase your Shopify market revenue.