10 Most Common Reasons for Divorce

Divorce is a common thing between two individuals if they want to get separated. I think it’s good to have a divorce when nothing works Within a relationship. So here you will get to know ten common reasons for divorce. Want to know? Read the article then.

1. Extramarital affair

This happens when a person doesn’t satisfy their needs in their relationships and one goes outside to meet their needs. More than 50 % of marriages break due to this reason. Because even if they continue their marriage one should feel guilty. In that case, it is very difficult to build trust again.

2. Trouble with finance

Today everyone wants to be fashionable or have a great lifestyle right? But as a man, if he is not earning that much their wifes leave them or men leave their wife if they are not earning or not a modern wife as they want. 41% of the couple’s divorce for this reason.

3. lack of communication 

In this, I would say both men and women are doing jobs and due to their hectic schedules, they are not able to communicate with them. Or anyone, whether husband or wife, is leaving far away due to their jobs. That is also the case for divorce. Because they are not able to understand each other due to lack of communication.

4. constant arguing

In this, I would say that both couples have their own thinking and have their own judgmental minds. Mainly what I want to say is having a different point of view in every situation which lead to arguing and arguing leads to a big fight. 

5. weight gain

Every man or woman wants their partner should look hot, modern, and always look trendy. If your partner is fat you don’t feel like getting him/ her to meet with their friends right? How will they react, you will feel shame. All of your friends or family members will make fun of you and say what type of partner you have chosen. So not to face these things. He or she decides to get separated.

6.unrealistic expectations.

When we are in love we expect so much from our partner to do to us. We expect that our partner cares for us and to do everything that we have thought. But that doesn’t happen all the time right? Which leads to misunderstanding. when misunderstanding comes in a relationship. This leads to a lot of fights and in the end the couple thinks that the relationship is not working anymore.

7. lack of intimacy

Sometimes couple ignores the sexual importance in their marriage. Having a sexual, mental, and emotional relationship is not bad. But due to lack of intimacy couples do not feel connected and they get bored off and then nothing works in their relationship.

8. lack of equality

If I talk about this topic in this situation one thing is why he or she is having all responsibilities in their hand. That they don’t get time for themselves. When one person tries to become selfish. And thinking only about themselves then it leads to the situation of divorce.

9. Not being prepared for marriage 

When one person wants to grow their career and they are not prepared for the stuff like marriage. But due to their family pressure even if they get married and that marriage won’t work for them. They decide to get a divorce.

10. Physical abuse

The most common reason for divorce in India is women are facing social, mental, and physical abuse from their husbands. And I think for this reason one should surely go for divorce surely. Because one should not tolerate stuff like beating or any abuse from their partner.

Wrapping Up: In this article i have shared most common reasons for divorce. Date shows that these are most common reasons for divorce. If you are facing issue in your married life you can consult with divorce lawyer. They can help you with your problem meeting a consultant is more helpful than taking decisions with your unconscious mind.

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