7 Essential Steps to Become a Professional Ghostwriter

If you have hands-on writing and aims to become a ghostwriter but aren’t sure where, to begin with then don’t worry. This read will tell you some easy steps, following which you can become a professional ghostwriter. Do you know that a successful ghostwriter first had to become a good listener? Says award-winning ghostwriter Jon Reiner. A ghostwriter first had to listen to the author for which he’s going write and then pen down the processing thoughts. To become one all you require is some focus and need to organize your credentials as well as experience to triumph the world of ghostwriting. Let us dive into the following steps to become a ghostwriter.

1. First, Write Your Own Books

A very crucial step to becoming a professional ghostwriter is to first write books of your own. Take the example of musicians, most of them first write multiple songs before they play any instrument. Just imagine, how could you write down someone else’s voice if you haven’t written one for yourself?
Try writing two to four books targeting 50,000 words for each of them. This way you can achieve the feeling of narration, tone, or flow, etc. while writing. If you still haven’t discovered your niche then try writing all, such as fiction, non-fiction, memoir, etc. this way you will get to know the area where you are best.

2. You Are Professional, Act Like One!

Well, professionalism plays a very key role to let yourself be recognized by other professionals. Suppose you are at a social gathering and someone asks you about your profession. You might tell him that you are a ghostwriter but you if aren’t being a professional then the question of where to see your work will make you speechless. Therefore, it is necessary to act like a professional and create a website of your own with a professional email address. This way you can refer them to your website to have a look at your work.
You should also order business cards and start your own professional account on social media. Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile with the headline of the ghostwriter. Also whenever you meet people introduce yourself as a ghostwriter. You have to treat your work as a business and be prepared when it’s time to offer your services.

3. Build Your Authorizations

Ghostwriting is surely a competitive industry and getting your foot inside the door is a very challenging task. A beneficial way to get yourself inside the industry is to give your contributions to popular publications and literary journals.
Guest Posts: This is a very significant way to mark your presence in the ghostwriting industry. Approach various companies and offer them to write a couple of ghostwriting articles for their website. It could be your blog or any other publication that will then be published on your behalf.
Literary Journals: you can also contribute to a couple of literary magazines on both fictional or non-fictional. Being a ghostwriter you should know how to throw a knack for flawless storytelling. For this purpose, check out the list of literary journals that accepts the submission of such articles.
Writing is important but it will be a great help to you if you write on your field of interest. Apart from submitting guest posts or writing for literary journals, also write articles regarding ghostwriting. Also, if you’re interested in writing a book on pilots, then try writing articles related to aviation and post it on your website or blog to have your expertise highlighted in your chosen field.

4. Build Up Your Ghostwriting Portfolio

Building credentials for your writing is essential. Build your own ghostwriting portfolio. To create one, you may take the help of people around you. Reach out to family members or friends and ask them their willingness to sit with you and tell you their stories so you may practice writing and listening to refine your ghostwriting skills.

Search for those organizations or individuals who need a writer to have written their website’s ‘about us’ section. Many people out there are unaware of how to write their story and get it highlighted in the crowd. This is where you can improve your skills and even strengthen your ghost proficiencies by writing upon the first-person voice.

As you write on a small scale, don’t forget to get the reviews from those for whom you wrote. As you get good reviews, highlight them to draw potential customers to you.

5. Think of Your First Two Books as A Part of On-Job Training

As you are making up your career in ghostwriting, previous experience matters a lot. The experience actually lays the foundation to further success. Even being experienced, there always a chance of getting yourself improved, learn more concepts, structures, and much more. You can get a higher chance of being hired with your track records if your fee is lower than the experienced ghosts.

6. Practice On Different Styles and Voices

To become a successful ghostwriter, you need to practice writing using different voices. The final product of a ghostwriter should sound like your author. You need to capture their energy and vision. This could be achieved very well only if you have practiced enough on various voices and styles. This will enable you to provide ghostwriting services in multiple speeches and styles.

7. Don’t Lack Your Customer Support Skills

Being a freelance ghostwriter means that you should develop enough customer support skills to educate your clients whenever there’s a need. Be mindful of communicating with your client prior to proceed writing. Moreover, self-publication is quite a helpful tool for the authors, so if you are a ghostwriter then try advising them to avail of the various options to become a self-publisher. This will also help you achieve a higher demand than simply being a ghostwriter.

The Bottom Line
These were some of the facilitating steps following which you can become a professional ghostwriter. Always remember that a great ghostwriter is the one who is a great listener and is able to produce a final product that expresses the author’s vision and voice.