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CMA Course – The IMA recognizes and awards the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) as one of the highest management credentials. A US CMA certifies a person’s competence in a variety of areas, including financial planning, analytics, control, decision support, and professional ethics. This certificate is internationally recognized and acknowledged. The US CMA course though roots  from United States is a professional course that will help you obtain information, skills, and talents that will enable you to successfully lead in your organization. The US CMA Course will help you become a financial leader in your company and will assist you in planning and organizing future business and financial initiatives. It is also universally accepted fact that professional opportunities for a CMA are not limited to a specific geographic location.

The course has 2 exams to clear:

Part 1 – Financial planning, Performance and Analytics 

Part 2 – Strategic Financial Management

Each exam consists of 100 MCQ’s and 2 essay type questions. Each exam is of 4 hours and a candidate is granted one time 10 minutes break during the exam. In order to clear the exam, one must score 360 out of total 500.

A few US CMA Course providers, from which one can Buy US CMA Course Online are listed below:

  1. Surgent
  2. Becker
  3. Gleim
  4. Wiley
  5. Hock

Surgent is a well-recognized US CMA review course provider in the US. Its unique Adaptive learning technology has been recognized by many independent reviewers. Surgent is also the strategic partner of IMA which is the governing body of CMA.

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