Importance of Our First Aid Training in Sunshine Coast

In Australia, there are numerous incidents and accidents that happen all the time at the work, at home as well as in public areas, as well as other places. Although the saying goes”Prevention is better than cure” “Prevention can be better than curing” however, these accidents are not always preventable. But, they can be dealt with and deaths can be avoided if someone has the proper education and understanding through first aid training.

Research conducted across the globe has revealed that the main cause of death is caused by road accidents. According to figures from the year 2000, more than 1.2 million people were killed and up to 50 million were injured on the roads around the world.

For Australia alone, during the past decade, the annual road fatality rate is 1.3 lakh per year – which is more than the population of a few smaller cities.

However, some instances of deaths might have been prevented by ensuring that the citizens of Australia had the right first-aid training for various medical emergency situations. Below we are listing down 4 reasons to enroll in a first aid training program:

1) It is more than just the idea of saving lives 

It is widely known throughout the globe that knowing and education in first aid aids to a large extent in speeding the recovery of the patient or accident victim. It also creates an attitude of calmness of the first aid professional to be able to take the appropriate steps required and helps them feel comfortable and confident in the situation.

2) Helps you be better prepared to handle this situation

On several occasions, an accident victim does not receive the necessary medical attention and care needed to prevent cause further harm to his or her condition. In such situations being aware of first aid aids with stabilizing the victim until paramedics or EMTs arrive. In most cases using this information, common household items can be useful tools in an emergency, in the event an actual first-aid kit is not available.


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It improves the patient’s confidence

When the first aid person is properly trained and confident, the confidence of the patient in them will naturally increase in the event of an emergency. So, having well-trained and efficient instruction in the field of first aid aids with relieving the patient’s discomfort as well as alleviating their pain. A competent first aid specialist can also provide emotional support for the patient, making them feel more comfortable.

It opens the doorway to a safe and healthy life

One of the fundamental elements of training in first aid is learning to look after and treat yourself. This is due to the fact that an aids-in-the-field who can quickly be recuperating themselves is in a much better position to assist others. In addition, the student gets to know a great deal about illnesses, health concerns, or lifestyle habits that can benefit or harm someone over time. Armed with this information the first-aid worker is in a great position to know his surroundings, become more secure, and be aware of the possibility of emergencies.


There are several agencies offering first aid courses online at large. They usually are included under the ‘Health & Safety or “Occupational Health & Safety modules that offer theoretic and practical information. Link Resources, in particular, offers First Responder programs that guide people in the process of offering first aid and managing the situation efficiently, employing life support methods, with the use of minimal equipment, and making every effort to educate the public about the necessity for everyone to be trained as a first aider during emergencies at any time or in any location.