How Can A Dissertation Proposal Be A Stairway To Success?

You need to submit a thesis proposal before you start working on it. It is sort of an application and has its importance because it is a separate genre of writing. In this letter, you state the reasons why this research should be conducted. There are no different rules whether you are applying for studentship or fully-funded, you have to follow the same method to compose your dissertation proposal.

Just the way you take Assignment help whenever you need it, you can go for academic assistance in this matter too. You can find plenty of professional writers who would love to construct your research proposal. However, you don’t need to guide professionals but it’s good to have additional knowledge just so you don’t get scammed.

Hence, we tried to compose a little guide for you. In the following article, you are going to read how to write a perfect proposal to get your hands on what you want. We assume that you already know how important it is to know the correct way to construct a proposal. It is kind of a stairway to success. Because once your proposal gets approved you get to work on your project, consider this your first step towards success.

Title Of Your Dissertation Proposal 

Let’s start with selecting the title of your application. Once you are done doing that, it’s time to state your research question, where and when the proposal comes in.

What To Talk About?

Keep one thing in mind that this proposal will talk in detail about all those questions you are going to analyze in your research. Don’t forget to mention how much research you have conducted till now. This will improve the chances for your proposal to get approved.

How Long It Should Be?

Ideally, a research proposal is around 2000 to 3,500 words that include approximately 7 to 8 papers. Since the reader encounter 50 to 100 proposal on daily basis, it can be a tough call for you to compete with such a huge number of candidates. Now here applies the first rule. Your argument should be strong enough to let the reader understand why your research has to be funded. Writing a compelling proposal can be hard at times. Now you can understand the struggle effort you’d have to put in your actual research.

The Main Ingredients 

Until now everything we mentioned considered that to be prework because the actual scheme starts now. From now on we’ll move forward to the main ingredients of your proposal.


Start with the aims and adjectives of your research. Tell them what the purpose of your research is, each statement of yours emphasizes what you are expecting from this research. This will ultimately attract the reader to your motive and objectives. Follow the following method to state your objectives:

The link between your research and your department you want to apply to

The cultural, political, social, and academic importance of your research

The gap between your existing knowledge and the knowledge your research is built upon.

You can easily state your objectives by answering the above-mentioned questions.

Literature Review 

Consider this section the essence of your proposal because this is going to talk about theories and models that might be influencing your research question. It helps the reader to develop an understanding of the main issues. Moreover, this section also sheds some light on all those theoretical and practical areas you want to address and work on. This shows how motivated and serious you are about this dissertation.


Your whole proposal depends on methodology. So you are supposed to outline it in a manner that gives you the leverage of answering each question of your research. It has to be well-written which shows the reader that you did your homework by collecting and analyzing all of the primary data.

A dissertation proposal is a way to let the supervisor or reader know how much data collection is available to you and what analytical techniques you can use to support your argument. Like everything else, there are limitations in research too. You cannot just opt for any topic and expect the committee to approve your proposal. It has to meet the parameters and follow the guidelines.

It’s better to choose a topic that has not been selected by many than to explore something people already have explored.


Now you have the methodology, you know your objectives and everything. You can calculate how much time it takes to work on each area of your research. Therefore; you are expected to let them know which timeslot you can use. It helps the reader estimate the feasibility of your project. Many people hire professionals to work on their projects. This type of Dissertation Help is quite common. Because of the language barrier, it gets hard for local writers to compose a complicated piece of writing.


Last but not least. In this paragraph, you are supposed to attach the list of the most significant texts. Don’t forget your academic CV so that it becomes evident, you have a purpose to work on. Mention your skills using the most appropriate resources.

If you wish to compose a perfect dissertation proposal you might need to follow all the above-mentioned steps. But this is not it. There are always dos and don’ts in almost everything so as in this matter. Yes, it is important to keep your focus on what you should do. But you should not ignore the don’ts also. So here’s the list of don’ts;

  • Never try to misrepresent any information you are adding to your proposal. Keep it as real as it can be.
  • Your research topic should not be too broad because as we have mentioned before, typically a reader gets to read 50 to 100 proposals and each proposal consists of 7 to 8 pages. So the topic of your dissertation should be precise.
  • Your aims, objectives, and research questions should always be in sequence and align correctly.
  • Justify your research topic properly and don’t avoid demonstrating it.
  • Don’t let the reader think your theory is too weak because this might limit the chances for the approval of your dissertation proposals.
  • Don’t forget to check that the numbering of the pages is in sequence
  • Work on your proposal’s content page and don’t avoid it.
  • Make sure you have used a clear and easy-to-read structure for your dissertation proposal
  • Do not write poorly
  • Do not ignore grammatical errors
  • Always avoid plagiarizing content even if it’s a proposal

Wrapping up! 

Only if you follow these dos and don’ts and ignore what everyone else is saying, you can construct an amazing piece of dissertation. And we are 100% sure that it will ultimately lead you to a successful future. So stop working on anything else and start working on your proposal with a serious attitude. As they say, practice makes you perfect, so keep that tab on.