How Covid-19 Has Affected an Entire Generation of Students

The most unprecedented event of this century has engulfed the world and forced it to change and adopt a different way of doing/experiencing things. Let us dig into and explore the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on the lives of students, junior and seniors all combines.

Tracy’s Son Allen Is a Now Changed 20 Years Old

After quarantining for around 5 consecutive months, Tracy’s 20 years old son Allen in UK has become used to online classes. “He used to be an outdoor person once” Tracy recalls. The pandemic has completely and surprisingly turned him into a tech-savvy indoor intellect who now prefers conversations that are deep rather than drinks which he used to savor outdoors with friends. He now even prefers more searching the internet for his English-learning hnd assignment help in london history based than going for a combine studying with his friends, something he always used to love doing.

Impact of Covid-19 on students

Let’s discuss of how Covid-19 has impacted the patterns of students around the globe.

Adopting Full Fledge Technology

Probably the biggest impact left by the pandemic. Though the students were already tech-savvy. However, with the advent of COvid-19, they started turning their heads more towards technology and 100% e-learning. The usage of technology had surged during the quarantine with the introduction of home-based learning. Junior students this time were also impacted by this, they were observed as more involved with their Laptops and smartphones like never before.

A More “Indoor Based” Generation.

Students have been staying inside their homes for unconceivably a longer period of time, leading to a changed behavior which will be favoring staying indoors more often. This drastic change will create a less outdoor loving generation. This will also likely to decrease preference of outdoor sports and entertainment activities such as dining and travelling etc.; And will gradually increase preference in digital and indoor entertainment.

A Physically Health Conscious Generation

There has been a surprising rise of health awareness and consciousness among students of 20 years of age and above. Students now are much more concerned regarding health safety and personal hygiene. A drastic rise of fitness has also been witnessed in senior students. Hence, they are believed to be adults who will be much more concerned with their physical and mental wellbeing.

A Mentally Health Conscious Generation

The Coronavirus crisis left a haunting sense of mental distress and anxiety among people around the world and students were no exceptions. Since the new generation of teens and young-adults are frequent victims of mental illness because of sensitivity, they have more tendency to work towards it.  Mental health will be recognized on larger scale for the first time ever in the upcoming times.

A Math-less Generation

While theoretical subjects can easily be taught online, the same is quite skeptical when it comes to Mathematics and other numeric subjects such as accounting, economics, and statistics. Educational source states that when returning back to school, students will be required to put an extra effort in technical and calculative subjects.  This will create a challenge for teachers in coordinating with them. Despite the fact that remote teaching and learning both have turned out to be effective for students and teachers, classes on courses involving numbers/practicals are still yet to be addressed and explored for new ways of teaching digitally.

A Generation Greatly Supporting Individual Learning

Individual learning has been for the first time ever, experienced mainstream with the pandemic. It’s a high probability for a considerable number of students therefore to keep preferring individual learning rather than classroom one. Many students have expressed comfort and convenience while learning individually in online classes, especially the introverted shy ones.

The Gist

Students of today have been dramatically impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. From becoming mentally and physically health conscious to becoming more digital-savvy. And from preferring combine study at a friend’s house to going for individual learning for assignment help UK and in USA, or all around the word. The Coronavirus currently is, and will always be remembered in impacting the lives of students, thus impacting the life of the future generation.