How to Prepare For an Interview for Nursery Admission in Noida?

There is no denying that a nursery lays the ground for a student’s academic career. So, every parent is looking forward to getting their child the best education they can. This process is not as easy as it may sound. As a parent, you need to research and choose a school that has the capabilities to meet every educational need of your child and then comes the course of preparing for the admission process to secure a seat. Every prestigious school follows a strict procedure and usually has a limited number of seats to offer. If you are anxious to know how to prepare for nursery admission in Noida, then this guide is for you.

Punctuality is Important

You might be juggling through a lot of admission dates but always remember that punctuality is the key. You should not arrive late for the admission interview. Try to coordinate between the dates and, if possible, maintain a timeline.

Conduct a thorough research

Get specific details about the school, such as what are the aspects, their objectives, and what they look for while admitting students. Most nursery admission in Noida gives a minute inspection of the child’s performance and behaviour. So, you being a parent, need to start working on it as soon as possible. 

Prepare for the Basics

Even though it’s a nursery school admission, you must not take it casually. One little mistake could make you miss the golden opportunity of getting your child into one of the best schools in Noida. You as well as your child need to brush up on some essential details that are generally asked during an admission.

Questions for the child

Start with teaching your child’s their name, parents’ names, address, country and other basic details. Teach them to identify some common flowers, colours, shapes and animals, vegetables, fruits, etc. They should be able to differentiate clearly, and you can also teach them alphabets and numbers.

Teach them to answer in complete sentences, such as – if asked, “What is this?” The answer should be, “This is a mango” or “This is a yellow ball”.

Moreover, if your child is well-behaved and has well-acquainted hygiene skills, then tables can turn in your favour. You can also teach them nursery rhymes and also toilet-train them. If your child is expressive, it can help them crack the interview easily.

Questions for the parents:

You must be able to introduce yourself without any hesitation. Share a snap of your background, educational qualification and why you want your child to get admission to that particular school.

Often, you might be asked to describe your child and the importance of education. These are basically to understand what are your expectations from the child’s education process.


Lastly, preparing for an interview should be fun and exciting. Do not put too much pressure on your child. You can organise playdates with children who are already attending a nursery school. Teach your child social ethics, be confident and face a panel of experienced teachers during nursery admission in Noida. And, always opt for a school that is safe and works on the holistic development of the child.