What Questions you can ask in your Kindergarten school?

Kindergarten sets the foundation for elementary school and the rest of life. Therefore, choosing the right Kindergarten becomes important. Having said that,  it can be a daunting experience for many parents.

There are few things to consider that can make your job easy. Ask yourself this question first, “What are some of the things I want for your child?

Visiting your child’s preschool is necessary as it will help you to know things in-depth and give you a clear picture of the facilities offered inside the school premises.

Kindergarten is an important time in your child’s life so it becomes crucial to select the best program so that they get proper knowledge and support from caring teachers which encourages them to look forward to going to a  Kindergarten school every day.

International School Kuala Lumpur suggests parents ask these questions before finalizing a Kindergarten school for their child!
What is the role of Kindergarten teachers?
  1. They pay attention to a child’s interest which helps them to know what a particular child already knows and which areas they should focus.
  2. They ask parents about their child goals and prepare them accordingly
  3. They continuously assess in order to understand whether the child agrees with others and work accordingly
  4. Regularly share information with parents about what their child is learning
What should you expect from International School Kuala Lumpur?
  • Improvement in your child’s ability to learn and understand
  • Improved feelings of self-worth and confidence
  • Your child will learn to share with others and get along with others.
  • They will learn to cooperate, be patient, listen to others
  • They will learn social and emotional skills
  • They will learn to ask questions and be curious

You understand your child and their needs better than anyone. So feel free to ask questions to school authorities that can help you clear all your doubts and help in finalizing the best one.

Here are some questions you can ask your kindergarten school

teachers/counselors or authorities?

  • If your child needs extra intervention, how do schools plan to help meet your child’s needs? How are the needs of diverse students met?
  • What are the activities or teaching methods?
  • If you have concerns regarding your child do share with them and ask them how they can help?

By discussing upfront you might get honest answers which can help you to decide whether the school fits in your ideal school criteria.

  • What enrichment programs are offered?
  • What are methods used to discipline children? or what rules and rewards system is followed?

You ask your teacher what are the methods they use to manage so many children. This will help you to know the teacher’s expectations and you will learn some tricks or tips to apply at home

What are the communication channels that parents can use to get in touch with teachers?

This will show formal and informal ways to contact your child’s teachers.

  • Who is my child’s teacher? Are they loving, positive, and capable or experienced enough? Do they hold degrees?

You can ask this question to counselors or authorities if they allow you to meet the teachers so that you have a better understanding of your child’s teacher.

What are the goals and strategies of the International School Kuala Lumpur?

The best Kindergarten focuses on the development of creative thinking, social, emotional, and cognitive skills which can help them lifelong such as being patient, following self-control, focusing on the task at hand, ability to follow directions.

What is the teacher-student ratio?

Class size is very important so that teachers can give proper attention to each child. Having 20 students is considered to be ideal, as anything more than that will lead to less attention towards your child.

What are the preschool timings? How much time will my child have to sit?

Since kids have less attention span and they cannot sit for long at one place, it is necessary to know how kindergarten teachers plan to engage them for long.

How long are break hours? What food can you provide?

This will help to follow rules and regulations to pack tiffin for the child’s break time.

How do teachers assess a child’s abilities?

Every child is unique, they learn at their own speed, but asking this question will help you to understand the teacher’s expectation from your child and how they can help in case your child is a slow learner.


You can learn more about the school by meeting many other parents or parents of earlier students, talk to them, asking about their experiences, etc …


Ideally, Kindergarten school is supposed to be a smooth, sunny introduction to school to your child. Finding your perfect match that meets all your goals can be tough but finding a school that is better than others in all criteria can help you to give the best possible start for your child.