Simple Tips to Help Your Child Settle at Kindergarten School

Kindergarten school is a beautiful phase in a child’s life. It’s where children learn to become independent and confident and develop their unique identities. The International School in Kuala Lumpur follows a child-centric curriculum that focuses on the needs of every child and makes school-going a joyous experience. 

Most children love the idea of going to school. However, some may find it discomforting to be away from their homes. It is, therefore, important to prepare them so that they are at ease when school begins. 

Here are some simple tips on how you can help your child settle in their kindergarten school:

Start early:

Once they get admission, take them to the kindergarten school so they can discover the place beforehand. Take a walk on the campus and talk about all the fun things they will do there. Introduce them to their teachers and step back as they converse with each other. It’s important for both—the teacher and your child—to get to know each other better. They will find it easy to communicate when school begins. 

Prepare for school:

The best way to help them look forward to school is by shopping for their school supplies. Let them pick the school bag, tiffin box, water bottle, etc that they will carry to school. Give them coloring and craft activities to do at home so that when school begins, they will comfortably settle down to work. The International School in Kuala Lumpur offers a wide array of activities to kindergarten children to develop their creativity. 

Their teacher—their new friend:

Never instill fear in their minds about their teachers. Instead, explain to them how their teachers will be their friends at school, who will teach them many interesting things, such as games, singing, dancing, coloring, and craft activities.

Set the school schedule at home:

Once you learn about the school timings, encourage your child to wake up in the mornings on time. This way, they will get habituated to waking on time when school begins. It will avoid last-minute preparations and the chaos that ensues when the child is late for school. 

Discuss their lunch:

Ask them what they would like to carry in their tiffins to school. Make a list of items for every day of the week so that they look forward to eating their favorite snacks at school. This practice also brings about an element of joy as the child looks forward to attending school every day. 

On the first day of school:

On the first day of school, drop your child in their class, give them a warm hug, and say a quick goodbye. Tell them you will see them soon. Then leave. Lingering goodbyes can make the child nervous and spoil their first day.


Sending your child to kindergarten school can be a difficult time for parents. However, it is important to conceal your nervousness if you want your child to enjoy school. These simple tips will help your child settle in the new environment and get accustomed to staying away from you, besides making them confident of themselves.