Teachable vs Udemy: Which Is Right for You?

Are you looking to teach online courses?

If so, you’ve probably come across Teachable courses and Udemy courses. These are two of the most popular online services for teaching and learning a variety of skills.

But which is the ideal service for teaching courses online? Which one should you focus on based on your teaching goals?

Here’s what you should know about Teachable vs Udemy:

Overview of Teachable vs Udemy

When looking at the best online course platforms, you can see that Teachable and Udemy have many great features.

Teachable lets you create a website where you can share your online courses. With Udemy, you create online courses and make them available on a marketplace for students to shop on.

With both services, you can create courses without incurring large financial costs. You can create your content through the interface. You can also keep track of your revenue with both platforms.

Udemy is a bit easier to use whereas Teachable does require a bit of technical expertise.

Why Choose Teachable Courses

So why should you consider using Teachable to create your online courses?

The biggest advantage is that you can create your website which gives you more customization options. With Teachable, you aren’t competing in a large online marketplace full of online courses.

If you’re an experienced entrepreneur, you might want to prefer using Teachable. It’s also much better for collecting data and revising your analytics.

At present, however, office hours and live courses aren’t available. You also have to be aware of the high transaction fees that come with using Teachable.

Why Choose Udemy Courses

Udemy has a much lower barrier to entry and is great if you want to sell one or two courses at first. If you wish to experiment with teaching online courses, then Udemy is a better option.

You don’t have to worry about creating a website as you would with Teachable. You can focus on creating your online course and then selling it on the marketplace.

You can then see if others react positively to your Udemy classes. You can then decide if you want to create more classes.

You have to remember that your course might not get approved for publishing. If you want to become a premium instructor you’ll also have to apply for approval.

You can get started with Udemy for free. However, the commission of your Udemy courses can be quite high. It’s not always the best option for scaling your teaching business.

Teachable vs Udemy: Choose Your Option

Now that you know the pros and cons of Teachable vs Udemy, you can choose which one works best for your needs.

If you’re a professional entrepreneur, you might prefer the advanced features of Teachable. If you want to dip your toe in first, then you’ll like Udemy more.

Teachable lets you create a website without having to compete with other online classes. Udemy has a lower barrier to entry and is much easier for selling your courses.

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