The Strategic Use of Essay Writing Examples

Writing essays will get tough at times especially if it’s a dissertation. At that moment, essay writing examples are of great help to students. If you are wondering how can you use essay writing examples strategically then keep on reading to find out!

Introduction to Essay Writing

An essay is a document that revolves around a singular topic which can be formal or informal (Buyessay, 2021). Below are some essay common essay types.

  • Argumentative essay – It includes a lengthy, evidence-based argument that needs a strong thesis statement and a clear position on your topic
  • Narrative Essay – It tells a story of a personal experience you had, real or imaginary
  • Descriptive Essay – It gives a detailed sensory description of something like a specific place or object instead of writing a story.

Strategic Usage of Essay Writing Examples

Enhancing Concentration:

While there are multiple ways you can use essay writing examples, one of the well-known ones includes using it to enhance your concentration. When you sit down to study, at times it gets tough to concentrate on the task from the get-go. You need to do a smaller task to warm up and start concentrating. This is where going through and writing an essay example helps you out.

Once you begin reading, your brain will slowly start to focus and prepare itself for a bigger task. You will be able to practice concentrating on the sample essay and then when it comes to writing the main assignment essay, lack of concentration will be the last thing you have to worry about.

This in turn makes will improve the quality as you will not be adding any irrelevant information on the essay you are working on, eventually getting a better score. Not only this, but you will also complete the essay on time because of improved concentration.

Smooth Transitions:

Students are not perfect because they are humans and not machines. Even machines lag sometimes. The point is, your essay is not going to turn out the best every time. You will make mistakes and one of those mistakes is the low readability of your essay.

Readability refers to how easy or difficult it is to read a text. If your essay is easy to read or navigate then it has high readability. On the other hand, if your essay is difficult or tough to navigate through and the reader is left confused then your Essay has low readability. Without a doubt, you should aim for high readability which also goes hand in hand with your academic level. This is where essay writing example comes into play.

To minimize or eliminate low readability you need smooth transitions and you can only learn how to incorporate this in your essays through carefully analyzing a good essay example. You are required to make your essay coherent. The words and transition sentences need to be present and used actively so ideas can relate to one another.

Through the use of essay examples that fit your essay type and academic level, you can solve this problem and find out where transitions need to be used.

Learning Structures:

The next strategic way you can use an essay writing example is to get an idea regarding the structure of the essay. Most essays’ structures are different from one another and that is why you have to be well acquainted with their structures or else your essay will not get accepted or you will get a low grade.

Your essays are not just a loose collection of ideas and facts, they need to be based on the main argument or theme that every part of the essay can correlate with. Through a well-structured essay, your reader can follow the logic of your ideas and comprehend the overall point of writing the essay.

Knowing the importance of essay structure it is natural for you to refer to essay writing examples of a particular essay type.

Sufficiency of Evidence Evaluation:

When writing an essay the main question that will come to your mind is how much is too much evidence and how little too little evidence is. Figuring out the line separating these both are at times difficult.

It may even result in you going writing more or less than your word count depending on how much evidence you have. In addition to this, for achieving your word count you may end up adding irrelevant pieces of evidence to increase the word count or eliminate important pieces of evidence to decrease the word count. Both are equally hazardous.

What you need to do is go to any essay writing example fit for your essay type and look through how much evidence the author has used. Evaluate their relevancy and observe how they have incorporated this evidence in their content. This is a good learning opportunity and a quite strategic way to use writing an essay examples.


Probably the best about using writing essay examples is how much time it saves. You can take help from a friend’s sample essay and save so much time that would have been spent on figuring out the essay by yourself.

Apart from taking help from sample essays or academic help services like education essay writing service you can also consult with a senior and take a look at their pat essay papers. If you find ones related to your type of essay then you will be capable of bringing it into use. Thanks to essay writing examples planning essays becomes easier and you can complete all your essays on time.


Essay writing is an important skill for every student (Warburton, N., 2020). Now with the help of essay writing examples you can make the writing journey easier so make good use of it.