Things to know about different types of yard signs

You have noticed yard signs probably all over your town, often at well-known intersections promoting a local restaurant or business, possibly in front yards marketing all things from ballot issues and candidates to fundraisers and general contractors. Yard signs are a practical, affordable, and efficient popular marketing tool employed for many industries and causes.


Benefits of using yard signs




Using low-priced and durable corrugated plastic yard signs is a very cost-efficient marketing tool available in the market for yard signs. The digital printing abilities of yard sign suppliers let you print in cyan, magenta, yellow, and key(black) color on both sides, boosting your return on investment and visibility of the message.




Yard signs are not only inexpensive but also durable. Capable of withstanding inclement weather, yard signs can be left outside for a long period and yet hold up.


Easy for installing


Yard signs can be easily installed, making them very popular for organizations working with volunteers or facing time constraints. The installation of yard signs can be easily and quickly done. More prominent yard signs might need a pole but yet are comparatively easy to install.


Spread the message


Due to the lightweight and affordability of yard signs, you can be strategic and flexible with your placement of yard signs. An investment of a small sum of money in yard signs can let you campaign in an entire community. This truly allows you effectively and successfully market your organization or business.


Types of yard signs
Corrugated plastic yard signs


These yard signs are the most frequently used and common types of custom yard signs. The term corrugated refers to the signs that have channels or flutes, with which insertion of wire stakes are done for stability and for placing in a yard.


Corrugated plastic yard signs are weather-resistant, durable, and affordable. These are amongst the significant factors that make customers choose these plastic yard signs for marketing purposes.


Directional yard signs


These yard signs help people reach a location where an event is taking place. These can be seen often at areas such as wedding receptions. Real estate agents love these yard signs. They will put them up at a neighborhood’s entrance to direct potential property buyers and get more traffic.


Shape Cut yard signs


I can do a very cool thing as a premium yard sign supplier to create your yard sign in any shape you are interested in getting. I have a highly advanced machine known as a CNC router which lets me cut any picture I want. Here is an idea you can think about. If you are creative and want something unique, you should try out a shape cut yard sign.


Aluminum yard signs


These yard signs are very weather resistant. They are rust-proof therefore, precipitation does not affect their durability or look. In addition to that, aluminum yard signs are lightweight, solid and amongst the most durable yard signs available in the competitive market for yard signs.