What are Some Study Hacks Every Student Should Know?

Studying doesn’t have to be hard. Although studying from home can be full of distractions, but in the current situation, learners across the world are forced to choose online education as their only resort due to the pandemic. While nothing will replace traditional classroom learning, online classes can also be made simple and productive. It is true not all methods work for everyone, but trying out different methods will allow the individual to discover what distracts them the most and which part can be worked upon.  

Here is some study hacks students can follow: 

  • Make a schedule and stick to it 

The first thing that goes haywire for the students while studying from home or pursuing online education, is time management. The first step therefore would be to know how much time you need and how to allocate the hours to complete each subject. The time allocation while studying from home would also include your online classes and other interactive sessions with teachers and peers. You can also take the help of your guardian or teacher to help you create a realistic schedule instead of random allocation of time. Also, make sure to add a considerable number of breaks and take time off from the screen as you are not a machine.  

  • Get yourself organized 

Well, you really need to get rid of the clutter, designate a study space, and organize with all your study essentials, books, notebook, computer system, and other stationary. Similarly organize the files for each subject in different folders while saving them in your system, that way you will not have to spend more time finding the resources in your online classes or whenever you need it. Make sure you have a to-do list for the day as well as for the week. This hack is important for your overall academic life, most schools offer a planner now a days, make sure to use it, it will help you keep track of how much you need to work on and what has been completed. You can always create your own planner, and even use your phone reminders for the same.  

  • Build your support system for yourself 

Remember you are not alone; you are not the only one dealing with the perils of online education. Try to create a study group apart from your online classes, for productive discussion and interaction sessions. You can also approach your teachers and mentors to assist you with valuable insights and instructions on your performance. This is particularly helpful for middle and high school students, and also almost a necessity. Understanding this necessity, the schools are extending their support to students, for example, Edify a CBSE school in Bangalore is vouching for personal attention to each student, to help them enhance their performance.  

  • Minimize the distractions 

One of the greatest disadvantages of studying from home is the number of distractions getting multiplied. But the key to great results is self-discipline and self-control. It is difficult for sure to give online classes your undivided attention but doesn’t let the text messages from friends, social media notifications, etc. to derail you from your studies. Some quick tips, isolate your study space, ask friends and family not to disturb you, turn off your mobile phones or the notifications, don’t engage in social media during the study hours. Remember focus is the key to success.  

  • Get in touch with your teachers 

Teachers have a great role to play in the progress of a student and there lies no doubt about it. Therefore, stay in touch with your teachers apart from your scheduled classes, discuss your doubts and ask for counseling. The schools are trying their best to make it accessible door the students and allow them to approach the mentors as and when they need them. Get used to writing emails, note down your doubts, and send your teachers beforehand, so that they will also have an idea about the problems you are facing and this will also help you save time. For example, Edify School is taking special efforts to connect to the students of the middle school and primary school program to add to their performance. The CBSE school is inclined with a structured schedule even while conducting classes online for the benefit of the students.  

  • Give yourself a breather, stay motivated 

Get yourself a hobby, those are not just recreational activities, but also helps to you develop your creative side and have a great impact on your mood. Keeping a hobby will help you motivated and let you relax from the stress of studying, making notes, focusing on performance, etc. Online education can be challenging, you might still be getting used to it or are already bored of it as well, but in the current situation there is no other way out for, but to keep yourself grounded to your academic commitments. Eat well, talk to your friends, spend time with your family, prepare a bucket list of things you would do when the schools reopen, etc. Bottomline keep your spirits high.  

Online education demands a lot of commitment and hence needs extra effort, to take your spirit high, you can apply for various student scholarships. Check if your school is offering any student scholarships try to secure your qualification for the same, this boosts your confidence and also inspires you to do well further.  

Finally, never hesitate to address your issues to the teachers and mentors, they are there to help you in your academics. They are willing to offer you as much personal attention as possible while attending to the various needs of the sudden change in the learning system. Just for instance, the CBSE schools like Edify are trying their best to incorporate their 3C curriculum into the online learning mode and keep the essence of the school’s structure of delivering quality education and making sure the students are progressing towards the right direction.