What Are The Different Kinds Of Selenium Tools?

Selenium is a licit testing tool that assists you in automating tests via numerous browsers for web applications majorly. This specific tool lets you check the standard quality of the web applications. It’s also an open-sourced tool. You will find Selenium Online Training providing a single interface to compose test scripts in programming languages. Well, it is one of the extensively demanding courses amongst the candidates belonging from the technical background.

Let’s now proceed further, and gather some more information regarding this specific tool.

What are the types of Selenium Tools?

Well, if you belong from a technical background, then you must be knowing the importance of automation tools. Similarly, Selenium Online Training also keeps up with the pre-recorded, and pre-defined actions, and then moves on comparing results with the anticipated success or failure. Precisely, in Selenium, there are four kinds of Selenium tools, and each has its own importance, and role to play.

  • Selenium IDE– It describes “Integrated Development Environment”, it offers you a graphical user interface. This specific tool will allow you to craft the test cases and test suites, and give you access to edit whenever you want.
  • Selenium RC– It refers to “Remote Control”. Well, it is one of the most vital elements of Selenium Test Suites. You will find this tool a sort of testing framework. It basically enables developers, and QA’s to compose test scripts in numerous programming languages. Well, this process takes place to integrate UI tests for web structures against the “HTTP” website.
  • Selenium WebDriver-You will find this framework keeping up with numerous browsers like- Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc. It is genuinely utilized for integrating web application testing to validate that it works as per plan. Utilizing this sort will help you in testing web applications only.
  • Selenium Grid– Working on this sort of selenium tool will help you execute tests on numerous devices against several browsers. You will discover this tool specializing in executing multiple tests via different operating systems, and machines respectively.


The listed different types of tools clearly explain to you the importance of each sort. Moreover, if you will get into details, then you will be able to acquire more information concerning these tools in a detailed manner.

Let’s now move further, and know some of the legit importance to learn Selenium.

Advantages of acquiring a certification of Selenium Online Training


  • Learning this specific tool will broaden your perspective regarding various forms of data to uplift test coverage.
  • In fact, getting into the professional course will let you know the detailed information on selenium testing tools.
  • Furthermore, you will understand the importance of selenium integration processes. To perform different sorts of testing, Selenium works hand in hand with other tools as well.
  • Acquiring a legitimate certification of this specific course will increase your chances of getting into a well-established company.
  • Moreover, having a certification of Selenium Online Training in hand will help you to grab a decent salary structure as well.


How long will it take to learn Selenium ?

To be precise, Selenium is not a very difficult course to learn. In fact, it takes 5-6 weeks to get through its details and functionalities. In some cases, this course duration gets extended a bit. In the beginning, it might seem a bit difficult for you, but with time, it gets interesting, and easy to understand.

Well, you can also put your own effort into understanding this subject in a better way. In fact, after acquiring classes, you can dedicate your own time by going through the lessons, articles, write-ups, blogs, related to it. You can even opt to refer to numerous tutorials available on the net. In this way, you will understand the detailing of the subject in a much better way.



The stated information above visibly clarifies the different types of Selenium tools, and their importance respectively. It is genuinely a worth learning course. If you want to turn into a Selenium Tester, then moving ahead with a legitimate certification of Selenium Training in Delhi will be appropriate for your career. After having a proper certification in hand, you will gradually receive several job opportunities.