What are the Important Tricks to Follow to Pass USMLE Step 1?

You should plan tricks to be able to pass USMLE Step 1 on the first attempt. With the plan covering all topics in time, aspirants often fail to focus on important points. It is about strategic preparation, giving more time for important parts. Try to figure out what to study and how to plan the approach for best results.

How to Pass in First Attempt for Step 1?

One should have realistic goals to work on to be able to qualify the first step of USLME. It is important to be in practice for medical students to qualify the first step. Practicing a greater number of questions and going through the follow-up would help to cover up the important topics easily. It would help you know where you are and how much effort you need to give for preparation.

Why Include Breaks in Preparation Time Table?

It is important to include breaks in preparation for USMLE Step 1 as it can keep away from fatigue problems. You should not be bored to prepare and carefully know what you are preparing. For this, it is important to include 10-minute breaks after every 1 hour of preparation. This would help to fresh up your mind and give rest to the brain to make it function effectively.

How to Start the Topics?

Try to start with the important topics first and cover up more questions from the same. It would help you cover up the important portion better and help you get confidence in the same. Once you get confidence and know that you will not be penalized for wrong answers from the section, you are good to go with other sections.

How to Preparation for the Best Study Atmosphere?

It is better to change the study atmosphere and think positively when preparation for the first step. It should motivate and encourage you better to study hard, knowing that others are also putting in a great effort. It is mainly to come out with flying colors and achieve your goals easily. The change of atmosphere would help one to stay focused and concentrate better.

Why Approach Experts During the Prep?

If you feel the prep to be challenging at any point in time, it is better not to overthink and judge your preparation. Instead, it is better to approach your guide or coach to show you the right path.