What is An Edu Email? And Why Create An Edu Email?

A student gets free Edu mail when he/she becomes a student of a particular university or college or some institution. You will be provided with an Edu mail of your name. Technically; the domains of Edu mail are restricted for educational institutions and most of them are registered by the institutional institutions of the United States of America. The institutions provide a specific Edu mail to their staff, students, and teachers. The students, staff, and teachers have a personal email address with the extension of Edu mail. Most of the students majorly those who don’t live or study in the US do not have the access to Edu mail. The students who have access to the free edu email get discounts on the services and software. So, for our readers, we have tested and verified the steps to make an Edu mail for free.

Why Should One Get An Edu Email?

An Edu mail helps you to get the information from the specific college or university administration and also a way by which the students can access the free services that are only provided to the students. One of the best email extensions which have free offers and free services given by Several companies is Edu mail. 

Now, let’s look at the procedure to create free Edu mail. Carefully follow each step for better results. 

Steps To Follow to Create A Edu Email Account For Free:

Step 1: To sign up for the account you first need to create an account. Proceed for this step by clicking on the “Begun creating my account”. 

Step 2: If you are a citizen of the US then you do not need to worry but if you are not you first have to set up a fake account of the citizen of the US and then use that information to register for the Edu mail account. Make sure your age is below 20 to 23 only. In case, you have entered the wrong age just change or reduce the age while signing up. 

Step 3: Now, you have to enter the information you have used while creating the fake account. Such as Name, Date of birth, Security number, etc. Enter no for the previous and preferred name. 

Step 4: At this step, you have to hit the “Continue” button. 

Step 5: Now, you have to fill up the email address and also the phone number (A US phone number), leave the Second phone number option blank. 

Step 6: Fill up the address you used while registering, then verify the address given by you, and then finally hit the “continue” tab. 

Step 7: Now, it is the step where you are supposed to fill in the Username along with the password and the pin for your account. 

Step 8: You have now to select a Security question. Get done with the CAPTCHA process and then finally; “Create My Account” 

For more information on Edu email login or Edu email account visit Techwide website for more options and ways.

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