What is Business Administration All About?

The bachelor of business administration is a course designed to train individuals in business operations and provide in-depth knowledge in the field of business. The curriculum of the program covers a vast number of topics such as marketing, finance, accounting and many more. The bachelor of business administration course includes training and practical experience in the business world. The business administration course exposes to the individuals the theories and the case studies which have become milestones in taking decisions, connecting and creating networks, dealing with clients etc.

The business administration course helps in laying the foundation for the basic principles of business administration. Business is a dynamic concept; it requires critical thinking and practical knowledge to carry out the operation in a profit worthy way.   

Why study business administration?  

The business world runs on different levels. Studying business gives you an insight into these different levels and how to deal with this accordingly. The business administration course helps you to understand business theories and their real-world application.

Business is essentially based on strategies and the smarter your strategies the fruitful is the result. As a student of business studies, you learn to develop strategies using the market information and how to implement them and make them work.   

The business ecosystem is constantly evolving. And as we are witnessing the role of information technology is growing day by day. The business administration courses help you to understand the role of IT in business and how it supports business operations.

Business includes human interaction and management of human resources. Taking up a bachelor of business administration will let you understand the possible organizational problems while tactfully dodge and solve them using the management principle.

Why is business administration one of the most preferred?  

  • Professional growth  

A bachelor of business administration course is a sure shot way to uplift the career. There are more than 20 business career categories that will require you to have a degree at the entry-level. The job roles such as financial analysis, human resources, management, market research. There are specializations that are tailor-made to guide you to the best career options and make sure you land on it.

  • Wide range of career option  

The list of career outcomes for those who hold a bachelor of business administration is varied and includes job roles such as general and operations managers, sales managers, administrative services managers, industrial production managers, transportation, storage, and distribution managers, social and community service managers, cost estimators, management analysts and a lot more. Apart from that, the business graduates can move into different roles thus keeping a list of opportunities ready if they want to make a shift.   

  • Acquire leadership skills  

Business administration depends majorly on wise decision making and leadership skills. A degree in business administration can help you develop and enhance your leadership skills. You may naturally possess the entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills, but it is important to understand what business leadership means. Here a specialization course like that of business administration in entrepreneurship can help you carve your way out as a business leader.

Should you take up a specialization course in business administration?  

As we have already mentioned the business world is dynamic and is constantly evolving, which is why academics is also paying attention to design courses with specialized studies. A degree can open the door leading you to a variety of opportunities but getting a specialization multiplies your chances of cracking up your goals.   

If you already have a specific area of interest related to the business world such as marketing, human resource management accounting and finance etc., you can go ahead with these mainstream courses. If you are someone who wants to break through with some unique specialization you have courses like procurement and supply chain management, project management, international business, business administration entrepreneurship etc.     

Where to apply? Are online courses worth it? Should you take up short term courses or full-time degree? 

Now the question comes where to apply. You can apply for business studies in traditional colleges or dedicated business schools. Sure, you would be looking for business institutes in Uganda. Almost all the traditional colleges and educational institutes now have business studies listed amongst their programs. Just like Cavendish university, Uganda, apart from providing quality education they are offering a variety of programs to choose from and business studies make into the list.   

As we are talking about the advantages of getting a bachelor of business administration degree, we should keep in mind that it is not just restricted to your job. You can also look forward to pursuing higher education and research. This demands a good foundation in the subject as such you should pay attention to the program and the college you are applying to. The faculty and the college play a crucial role in shaping the future whether it is getting a job or moving forward into academics.   

If you are planning to do an online course be sure that you are applying to an accredited course and that your certification stands the value to get you a job. With the growth of online education, the value of certificates and degrees are also going up. As such not all courses are deemed professional and valid by the acidemias for further education, and the employers for your entry-level positions.   

Here again, we would like to bring to the notice the modes of education offered by Cavendish University, which includes campus-based, distance and mixed type which is helpful for students to study as per their convenience and not compromise with the quality of the education and value of the degrees.   

While the short-term online courses are growing exponentially popular the traditional degrees hold a reputation which is transformed to the degree holder. Thus, if you have completed a bachelor of business administration it is no less than an achievement apart from qualification to kick start your career.

So, if you have made up your mind, it’s time you start applying as the new sessions are about to begin in almost all the business institutes in Uganda.