What is the eligibility to study MS in Germany?

This blog post is for Indians who intend to study MS in Germany. We will be discussing the eligibility criteria, entry requirements, and the visa application procedure. 

Let’s jump right into it! 

India offers a diverse range of academic programs that cater to different interests and needs but not all the courses one can choose and study like in a foreign country. 

Hence many Indians look for various opportunities to study further after their undergraduate degree education. 

MS or Master of Science 

Master’s degree courses are often referred to in India as MS programs are available in science, engineering, and technological subjects. MS is a common name used for a Master’s degree, especially when one looks for a teaching job or further Ph.D. studies in the future.

Unless one qualify and meet certain eligibility conditions, universities will not accept applications from international students to pursue MS in Germany. 

Entry Requirements

MS in Germany is a graduate degree, and the entry requirements for MS courses in Germany are:

An Indian student should have completed 16 years of school education (following the 10+2+3 formula). The university where the applicant completed their UG degree should be recognised to pursue an MS course in Germany.

For MS in engineering or technical specialisations, the student must have completed a UG degree in the relevant subjects.

The German universities assess the applicant’s previous academic qualifications and performance while considering an MS course in Germany. 

An international student applicant can choose to study an MS in a German university in German or English, or in some cases together. 

We are referring to pursuing an MS in Germany in a public university where most don’t charge a tuition fee. 

There are no criteria for this, and that’s the speciality of Germany concerning education. One can apply for an MS course in Germany with 50% marks obtained in a UG degree. Education is priceless!

There are six most famous universities to study MS in Germany as per most Indian students.

  1. Technical University of Dortmund
  2. Ruhr University Bochum
  3. TU Darmstadt
  4. TH Köln
  5. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
  6. University of Potsdam

It is just a myth among the Indian students who trust and depend heavily on rating and rankings! 

Germany has one hundred technical universities, public-funded, and they compete for betterment on their own always. 

Applying for a place in an MS course in Germany is hassles free for students from India. Many consultants provide guidance and admission process services covering how to meet the admission conditions, prepare and sit the required tests and exams, and the complete application procedure.

Visa Application Procedure

The visa fee is approximately EUR 75.

After receiving your admission letter of offer, you may start preparing to apply for your visa. Gather all the documents required in original and two duplicate sets. 

  • You will need to go through the admission letter thoroughly;
  • point out the conditions mentioned, if any, 
  • book accommodation in the university hostel or outside, 
  • fill out the specified visa application form, 
  • Sign the declaration documents accompanied by the visa application form.

Once ready with all the above, book an appointment by sending a mail to the German consulate/VFS office or directly through the portal. 

MS in Germany and job opportunities after the studies

MS degree holders in Germany can apply for job opportunities in engineering, business, science Etc. As MS students can work part-time while pursuing their degree, they may also gain valuable work experience and make some extra money. 

Some of the popular jobs among MS graduates are research assistant, project manager, consultant, scheme analyst, scheme specialist, etc.

The average salary that MS graduates can get after MS in Germany is EUR 3,300 per month.

MS dual degree Programmes

The dual MS degree programme is six semesters. The aspirants must complete MS courses in the first three semesters and MS research work in the last three semesters. 


The German MS program is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds. You’ll have access to some of the world’s top minds while living in a country with low unemployment, strong economic growth, and one of the most efficient healthcare systems on earth. 

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