Why were pipe nipples originated?

In plumbing, there is a system of pipes and fittings that need to be connected with valves, faucets, water supply lines, and everything to make the proper continuous supply of water possible to every required area. Pipe nipples were originated to help create strong connections between pipes or between pipes and other things. A pipe nipple has male threads at both ends; why? To make it easier to connect with a pipe. However, pipe nipples with any threads are also present. Pipe nipples connect as such that they create a strong seal that is leakproof. Now there are a variety of pipe nipples that are designed specifically to be used with different types of things where a different sort of connection is required. Sometimes a combination of nipples is used where there is a need for low-pressure discharge of the water. Having said that, let’s discuss these different types of pipe nipples for better understanding.

Categories Of Pipe Nipples:
  • Barrel Pipe Nipple:

This is a tapered pipe nipple and is threaded on both ends with an unthreaded middle section.

  • T.O.E. Pipe Nipple:

This is a pipe nipple that is threaded on one end only, and the rest of the area is unthreaded.

  • Welded Pipe Nipple:

This is an unthreaded pipe nipple; the entire nipple has no threads. It is connected by welding it to the pipe or fittings.

  • Close Pipe Nipple:

This is a pipe nipple that has no unthreaded area; it is entirely threaded. When connected with pipes or fittings, it hides inside them; only a very small side of the nipple will be seen between the connection.

  • Shoulder Pipe Nipple:

This pipe nipple looks somewhat similar to a close pipe nipple; the only difference is that this nipple is entirely threaded but with only very little unthreaded middle section.

  • Hex Pipe Nipple:

This pipe nipple is also entirely threaded with only little hexagonal middle unthreaded section.

  • Right-Left Hand Pipe Nipple:

This is a pipe nipple that has right-hand threads on one end and left-hand threads on the other.

Materials Available in Pipe Nipples:

Pipe nipples, apart from their design and shape, also gain significant effectiveness from the material they are made of. Each material provides pipe nipples with certain qualities which make them more suitable for specific functions. According to different materials, the common types of pipe nipples that you will find are brass pipe nipples, aluminum pipe nipples, stainless steel pipe nipples, galvanized pipe nipples, iron pipe nipples, copper pipe nipples, P.V.C. pipe nipples, etc. All of these materials have their own strengths and weakness, whereas there is a possibility of rusting in all these materials as they are metals. One such pipe nipple is galvanized pipe nipple, which doesn’t rust at all because it is made of zinc-coated steel. This is why it doesn’t corrode and is the most reliable kind of pipe nipple. To get the galvanized nipple in different categories for your need, a galvanized pipe parts and nipples manufacturer will assist you further.