Attack on Titan Seasons Filler List


Anime is a type of cartoon designed for both children and adults and has gained so much popularity these days. The characters and plots of the anime shows or series are so amazing. In this article, we will tell you about the top anime to binge watch now. In this article, we will tell you about the top anime to watch and Attack on Titan Season 3 Filler List.

Attack on Titan Filler List

  • Smoke Signal

The primary episode of Season 3 starts with Eren and their companions hanging out in a remote lodge while Hange performs probes on Eren to test his capacities. In this episode, the essential occasions of Season 3 start to come to fruition, as fans discover that Erwin has been captured and the Scouts disbanded.

The episode is associated with its cliffhanger finishing, wherein Levi is trapped by the Anti-Personnel Control Squad and its chief, Kenny Ackermann.

  • The Attack Titan

Following up on the flashback episode where Eren found out with regards to his dad’s past, Eren proceeds to find out with regards to his dad’s exercises in the wake of being saved by the Owl. In this episode, it’s uncovered that the Owl requested that Grisha recuperate the force of the Founding Titan and provided Grisha with the force of the Attack Titan to help him in his main goal.

Eren finds out with regards to the insider facts of the Titan powers, and how his dad eventually gave the Titan powers to him. This episode uncovers such countless significant mysteries of the Titans that fans make certain to need to rewatch it again to ensure they missed nothing during their first review. It is one of the most popular AOT filler ideas. 

  • Children Of The Forest

In this episode, Gabi and Falco go to Nicolo’s eatery with the individuals from the Braus family, while the excess scouts from the 104th Cadets likewise show up at the café to address Nicolo. After discovering that Gabi killed Sasha, Nicolo endeavors to kill her, however, Falco mediates.

Nicolo asks Mr. Braus on the off chance that he might want to have his retribution on Gabi, yet he decays, and the scouts step in and forestall further slaughter. The Jaegerists then, at that point, storm the eatery and abduct everybody before Eren shows up and requests to have a private discussion with his companions.

Here is the attack on titan season 3 filler list:

  • Smoke Signal
  • Old Story
  • Pain
  • Trust 
  • Reply 


The Top 5 anime you should watch are as follows:

  • Megalo box
  • Baccano
  • Erased
  • Golden Boy
  • Senyu


We hope we were able to tell you about the AOT filler ideas and season 3 filler list.