Best KissCartoon Alternatives That Actually Work in 2021

Kisscartoon is a torrent site that is specifically for cartoon and anime lovers. People usually prefer not to spend more cash on watching cartoons or anime, instead they come to sites like this and watch the favourite content and enjoy as much as they can for free. Millions of their fans and users all around the world keep on visiting this site regularly. 

Few years back on one fine day, this website went down. Usually these sites disappear suddenly and come back again. But this time, it went down and never came back.

All the users who were waiting for it to come back were disappointed due to this. Soon their disappointment disappeared, because many websites that are alternative to this started to emerge. 

Few legal Kisscartoon alternative:

First, we will share a few legally available alternatives to Kisscartoon, in which sometimes a small payment to subscribe has to be made. Now let’s see the alternatives:

  • Cartoon network
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime
  • Nickelodeon
  • Netflix
  • Crackle
  • Comedy Central

When you feel like it’s really difficult to afford this much, we will definitely feel like visiting such torrent sites to entertain ourselves. 

Sites that work in kiss cartoon:

There are plenty of other sites available to use this site, we will be sharing few sites below:


Other Alternative of kisscartoon:


This is very much similar to that of the kiss cartoon and that is the reason we are ranking it first in the list of alternatives. The original torrent of this was shutdown, still plenty of mirror and proxy sites to it are available.  

The best thing is that all the new contents and the best one or the popular ones can be seen in the homepage of the website. 


You will love this website because they offer stuff like that. It is the best alternative to the site and another reason for the traffic in this site is that users can experience an ad-free feature. The most recent episode will be released within a few hours it was shared to the public. 

The categories are eye-catching since it contains news about the latest anime, episodes that are soon to be released and few will be displayed as features. 


Another popular website to watch cartoons is this site, where you can identify your favorite content within a few minutes. The quality of the contents are always upto the mark. 


It displays both contents and categories on this website, you can watch episodes that are aired just a few hours before.  


Holds all popular contents from anime, and other cartoon related contents. It is the same like crunchyroll and animetoon, you can see the latest content that is aired within a few hours.  


You will see so many domain names for this site but we will recommend you not to go into such sites instead go to the address bar and go to its original website by typing 

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