Is Extra Torrents Safe For Use?

There are many torrent sites available on the internet but the extratorrent can be considered as the most famous for accessing different movies, TV shows and music videos that you want to stream. As you know that this website has launched in 2006. The extratorrent has gained huge popularity very soon and people who use the P2P sharing method use this website regularly.

Are Extra torrents safe for use Or not?

But one of the most frequent questions that users think upon is whether using an extratorrent is safe or not. So, allow us to satisfy your burning curiosity. Like the other piracy website, extratorrents too stream illegal and copyrighted content that makes it wrong in the eyes of government agencies.

Since the copyrighted content provided on the website is illegally streamed, it results in great loss of the money of the original owners and because of this reason the Extratorrents are banned in many countries.  This also means that using this website is not safe for you but usually the people who use this site face no problem as you can use extratorrents proxy and mirror sites in its place for better security. 

Countries in which Extratorrent is blocked

Due to the laws and rules, the extratorrent website is blocked in many countries. 

  1. United Kingdom
  2. India
  3. Pakistan
  4. Russian –Federation
  5. Turkey
  6. United States
  7. France
  8. Italy 

If you are a resident of any of these countries then, you may have to resort to the proxy sites to unblock extratorrents and then use it.

How do Extratorrent proxy works?

It is not very difficult to use the Extartorrent proxy and mirror sites. You can use just the links or the URLs of these websites which will unblock the original website and then you can use them to watch or download movies, TV shows or music you want. 

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