Top 9 factors to consider while designing an OTT platform

With over 200 OTT platforms in the market today, it is essential to design an OTT platform that attracts and retains the audience. The design of an OTT should be based on the type of video content that is offered and the target audience. If the OTT solution caters to the audience in several geographic locations, customized design can be set to auto-load when the visitors land on the OTT platform. In this article, we are going to discuss the factors to be taken into consideration while designing an OTT solution.

Importance of design in an OTT platform

The design of the website or app is the first thing a user sets his/her eyes upon. It has to be pleasing, attractive, and easy to use for the visitor to use the website. OTT service providers must work on the three categories of design – interaction design, architecture, and visual design to provide an easy to use, a fast-loading website with a seamless viewing experience. If the user experience is not pleasant and users don’t find the OTT platform attractive in terms of design, they would not want to use the platform so it is important to create the right design for your OTT platform.

Important factors in OTT platform design

1. Personalized user experience

OTT UX & OTT UI should attract viewers. Personalization is key in attracting and retaining a customer these days. OTT services should utilize Machine Learning to provide recommendations of relevant and interesting video content to their users. This is not only based on the inputs given by the users but also multiple other factors and algorithms used on the platform to display personalized recommendations. 

2. Use AI to provide a personalized user journey

The cost of acquiring a customer is always higher than the cost of retaining a customer. Artificial Intelligence is used in OTT platform architecture to retain the customer on the OTT platform. Upselling the customers at the right time in their user journey helps them in making purchase decisions.   

3. Easy on-boarding process

Once the user has made a decision to subscribe to an OTT platform, it should be easy for the visitor to sign up for the paid services. The home page or landing page of the platform should have a clear text button to sign up so that the new visitor does not have to look for it. Offer the option of using the email address or phone number to sign up.

4. Previewing the content

With multiple OTT solutions in the market, the users want to get familiar with the kind of video content that is available on the platform before signing up. As an OTT business provider, you can offer a free trial to new users for a limited period of time where they can watch video content and enjoy the user experience before they decide to subscribe to the premium services.

5. Multilingual user experience

Cater to your target audience by providing them the option to use your platform in their regional languages by adding it as an option on your OTT design architecture. The option to choose the language should be displayed at the top of the page where the users can easily see and change the language. This increases the number of users.

6. Accessible on multiple devices

There were 3,668 million smartphone users in 2016, it increased to 5,623 million in 2019 and 6,259 million in 2021 across the globe. It is projected to reach 7,690 million in 2027. Globally, there were 1.28 billion tablet users in 2021. People are accessing the internet using laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. OTT services should be accessible on all the platforms so the users can access the video content anywhere, anytime without any trouble.

7. Simplified payment process

The payment process should be simple for the users by providing multiple payment methods that are widely used in their geographic location. The payment gateway should be secure and simple wherein the customer has to spend only a few seconds to process the payment successfully.

8. Push notifications

Push notifications, when done right, can engage the customer to use the OTT platform for an increased amount of time and also assist in making purchase decisions. Here’s how to get it right –

  • Create personalized push notifications
  • Send push notifications based on the time zone of the audience
  • Send push notifications periodically
  • Do not send multiple push notifications in a short time window
  • Send actionable notifications

9. Easy to subscribe

A clear ‘Sign up/subscribe’ option should be visible to the users on any page they visit within the OTT platform. It should be a two-step sign-up process for quick on-boarding of new users.


The world is going digital and entertainment houses are launching their own OTT platforms to meet the demands of their customers. Though the quality and variety of video content is important for acquiring new customers, OTT UX & OTT UI are the deciding factors that retain the existing customers.

Businesses should use branded OTT solutions to develop and design world-class OTT platforms that can cater to all the requirements of the business and cope with the changing demands of the market. Branded OTT solutions provide support to the business so the business can focus on what they do the best while the OTT platform of the business will be taken care of by the providers.