Everything You Need to Know About Hair Grooming Devices

Are you one of those people who use a hair trimmer to trim the hair of their beard? That’s a sin, pal! A hair trimmer is designed to trim the hair of your head only and nothing else; if you are using it to trim the hair of your beard and are expecting that it would look like a professional barber did it, then you are setting up wrong expectations. Hair grooming can only be done right with the use of the right tools. Want your haircut to look fabulous, use a hair trimmer; want your beard to look fabulous, use of beard trimmer; want to shave your beard, use a beard shaver. All these devices didn’t just happen to come into this world for nothing; they all have their specific usage, which you are not clear about yet. Therefore, to clear this air of confusion, we have tried to discuss some of the common hair grooming devices and their specific application in this article.

  • Trimmers:

Trimmers are designed only to trim the hair; however, one trimmer can’t be used to trim the hair of the entire body. Why is that so? Because the texture of the hair of each part of the body is vastly different from each other therefore the blades of each trimmer are designed and arranged as such so that they can cut the hair of that part without damaging it. Using a beard trimmer to trim head hair will damage the texture of your head hair, and you might also get cuts. Therefore, either contact a China hair trimmer manufacturer and get a separate trimmer for your hair, or you can also get a kit of trimmers that would include a hair trimmer, beard trimmer, bikini trimmer, ear, and a nose trimmer.

  • Shavers:

You might be using a beard trimmer and expecting a clean shave look from it; that’s not how you are going to get a clean shave look. For shaving your beard, you will have to get a shaver; its blades are designed and placed as such that they can touch every part of your skin without cutting it. This is why when you try to shave your beard with a trimmer, you get cuts because its blades are very open and cut the skin as soon as they come near it.

  • Groomers:

Do not use a trimmer for the hair of your chest, underarms, and other parts. Why? Because one you might get cuts and two the texture and thickness of the hair will change badly after trimming them with the blade of the trimmer. Therefore, it is better to get a groomer for the hair of the chest, underarms, groin areas, and abdomen if you don’t want to disrupt their growth, thickness, and texture. Most people don’t even care about trimming the chest hair or armpit hair, but if one wants to maintain the hygiene of their body and groom their look, then we would suggest using a groomer.