Everything You Need to Know About RAK Offshore Company Formation in UAE

RAK Offshore Company Formation has become a desirable destination for overseas units. RAK offshore is tax beneficial and gives proper confidentiality of investments. RAK offshore has become a most sought-after jurisdiction for discretionary investments and businesses. RAK investment authority has made many financial ways and tax benefits that advantage overseas business people to a very great extent. If you are willing to form a company in RAK then you just need to connect with the Start Any Business UAE professionals who will provide assistance during the process of forming a RAK company, and make it very easy, efficient, and hassle-free.

RAK based around an hour’s drive from Dubai is one of the quickest developing of the seven emirates. RAK has the greatest level of industrialization in the United Arab Emirates, with manufacturing at GDP’s 26%. This has created its reputation on a business-friendly investment climate and competitive expenses. The expense of running a business in RAK is 25 to 50% less than the average of the UAE, permitting enterprises to maximize their return on investment. In September 2006, the RAK government started the international company framework, also recognized as the RAK offshore company. These are regulated under the RAK free zone official international companies rules 2006.

RAK Offshore Company Formation

Company formation in RAK offshore is formed under the supervision of the RAK Investment official. RAKIA is a government entity instructed to supervise the socioeconomic development of RAK emirate by addressing the growing requirement of the region for offshore business markets. RAK is home to more than 2000 IBCs that give various services as mentioned above. As per the rules of government, the RAK offshore company establishment officials are needed to sustain the highest secrecy with the names and personal information belonging to company stakeholders.

RAK offshore needs one stakeholder and one director. Apart from the lenient RAK company setup needs, the caveat is the minimum capital required before the registration of a company. Nonetheless, most business people are interested to overlook the starting capital needs with the target of enjoying the RAK offshore company advantages.

Process for RAK Offshore Company Formation 

The formation of RAK Company Formation includes some steps that business people have to follow. If all the documentation needs are done, it typically takes 1 day to register your company in RAK offshore. Here are the steps for registering a company in the RAK offshore –

  • Get Approval for the Company Name and Business Activity 

Determining the name of your company is a vital activity for any businessman that requires so much brainstorming and creativity. At the same time, the chosen business name should not be offensive or a photocopy of the business name of the competitor who exists in the market. Once you have decided, it requires to be submitted for the registry. In addition, a list of the chosen business activities that would be running also requires to be presented for approval.

  • Submission of the Documents 

Next to present the verified incorporated documents to the register in RAKIA, the authorized entity of RAK offshore. The RAK offshore company formation demands the business people to present some vital documents. The documents are needed to be presented to the verification authority. Once you have done it, after stringent scrutiny, the official sends the approval.

  • Pay the Registration Fees 

Once you get the approvals, you need to make the payment of registration fees. The fees are based on the nature of business, license, company size, and more. The cost of company registration can be done, online, in cash, or via money transfer.

  • Open an Offshore Bank Account 

Once the incorporation procedure is done, the last phase is to open a bank account to maintain the business transactions easily. You need to choose the best bank, the business setup consultants in Dubai can help you to find the best bank as per your requirements. They will help you in opening a bank account in the bank of your choice.

Benefits of RAK Offshore Company Formation 

  • Confidentiality and Privacy 

RAK IBC details of the owner and stakeholders are kept confidential according to the rule. The law gives a conducive business climate particularly between overseas business people willing in the financial planning and wealth security service provision.

  • Multiple Business Activities 

RAK offshore venture owners are allowed to involve in many business activities such as – trading, provision of professional services, and property holdings among others. There are just two sectors that RAK IBCs must not venture into insurance and finance.

  • Owning Bank Accounts 

Because of the nature of the business operated by RAK offshore company setup, business people are permitted to open multiple bank accounts with Dubai Based banks and also international banks based out of the UAE.

  • Taxation 

The RAK emirate complies with the double taxation treaties. DTT is a contract that secures business entities and businessmen from making payments of double taxes throughout one trade tenure. This confines that conditions levy taxes on businesses at a specific trade duration. This makes sure that businessmen sustain maximum profit margins.

  • Asset Protection 

RAK offshore company permits proper asset protection with a trusted ad sturdy platform for overseas business people as compared to the domestic business units. RAK offshore wealth security makes capable expatriate trustees form a legal wall that efficiently helps in separating the creditors and the wealth protected inside your offshore venture.

  • Lawsuit Protection 

RAK offshore company secures your possessions in terms of legal convictions or accusations for lawsuit protection. RAKIA makes sure that your business is ethically incorporated, and a thorough inspection happens prior to RAK offshore company formation. Nevertheless, in the case of legal pursuance, the possessions under the business can be protected by the authority.

Documents for RAK Offshore Company Formation 

  • Your passport copies
  • A bank reference letter addresses to RAK offshore official
  • Proof of residence, like a utility bill or certificate of the municipality
  • CV of the stakeholder of the offshore company
  • Bank statement of the past six months
  • Copies of trade license or certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Resolution of the stakeholders
  • Copies of the passport of the stakeholders and the directors
  • Company’s incumbency certificate


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