Everything You Need to Know About Wire Rope Clip

Rigging of heavy loads for transporting them from one place to another is one of a task to carry out; its success is directly dependent on the rigging components that support the rigging chains and wires and keep their connection strong without impacting the load in any way. As a rigger, one should familiarize themself with all the different types of rigging components to develop the most perfect rigging setup. One of such rigging components that is very important and is also used very commonly is the wire rope clip. To understand what a wire rope clip is, one first has to understand the different types of wire rope end termination or, in simple words, the ends of a length of a wire rope to use the right wire rope clip with it as it comes in a number of different types.

What Exactly Is Wire Rope Clip?

A wire rope clip is basically a clip that is used at the end of a wire rope to form a load-bearing eye or to connect two cables together with a lap joint. Wire rope clips can be installed anywhere, even in the field. The use of wire rope clips increases the breaking strength of the wire rope by 80 to 90 percent and makes it highly efficient. However, it should be clear that a wire rope clip can only be used to do the functions it is designed for, like forming a load-bearing eye or connecting two cables together. It is not suited to be used for fabricating slings.

Types of Wire Rope Clips:

Every wire rope clips supplier has wire ropes clips in two basic types; both are equally efficient but have their unique qualities too, which makes the two suitable for different situations.

  • U-Bolt Wire Rope Clip:

You already know what a U-bolt is; this U-bolt wire rope clip is the same as that with two nuts and a metal base that is called saddle in the technical language. Their installations require careful attention and consideration; otherwise, their installation won’t be firm, and it can result in an accident. There are two types of U-bolts; the difference among them is the difference of their material and nothing else.

  • Forged Wire Rope Clip:

A forged wire rope clip is a U-bolt in which the base of the wire rope clip, that is, the saddle, is made of forged steel. Forged steel is fabricated into a U-bolt by heating and hammering it until it achieves the desired shape. This wire rope clip is good to use for heavy-duty and overhead loads.

  • Malleable Wire Rope Clip:

A malleable wire rope clip is made as such that its base means the saddle is made of malleable cast iron. It is used to make eye termination assemblies and is only suited to be used for light-duty rigging works as it doesn’t have such properties and can be fractured by heavy loads.

  • Double Saddle Wire Rope Clip:

The difference between the U-bolt and double saddle is that this wire rope clip consists of two saddles and two nuts. The two saddles are placed like each with a leg, and the two nuts are placed like one on the top and the other on the bottom. Therefore, this double saddle wire rope clip can be used in either direction.