Best Hummus in Abu Dhabi is super-delicious and finger-licking

There is a reason why hummus has been across the globe since 13th century and still remains the ultimate snack companion- it is super-delicious. In fact, it is one of those things that we can’t seem to get enough of. Even if you like it smooth and silky or nice and crunchy, homemade or else ordered at your favorite restaurant, it is the highlight of any mezze plate. So, to celebrate the International Hummus Day, we aim to list where to find the best Hummus within Abu Dhabi. In this manner, you can enjoy perfectly. If there is one thing that you gave to try then it is the avocado hummus- a delicious mouth-watering combination of two Abu Dhabi favorites. Make sure that you enjoy every bite with crudités and pita crisps. We surely guarantee you that it will leave you wanting more. The funky, casual Jordanian venue within Abu Dhabi is a top place for a laid-back get-together with friends and family. Mezze occurs out to be a perfect meal for such an occasion indeed. Ensure that you have the Best Hummus in Abu Dhabi within no time.

One of the favourites can be the pink hummus too that has got added pomegranate for an extra pop of flavor. One of the Best Lebanese Restaurants within the city is Sajway. The restaurant is best Lebanese restaurant. However, it would be too easy for you to select this restaurant itself so we are indeed going for another take over the hummus. Here it is smoked over the cedar wood, adding up a smokey flavor. The restaurant plays an important part in making the dreamlike location that is for a number of reasons: the main one being their incredible hummus trio. So, you must surely try the Best Hummus in Abu Dhabi. The best mezze dish over the menu, this pretty plate means that you no longer need to decide between beetroot, pesto or classic hummus. You may simply try all the three instead so as to make your day more fantastic. This is one of the dishes that you would enjoy to have within Abu Dhabi.

Taste the most amazing Best Hummus in Abu Dhabi now

People love Hummus within Abu Dhabi. Chickpeas get mashed within an inch of their lives, mixed with some tahini, lemon juice and garlic then is served with pitta or tanoor bread, it is finger food at its finest. Being one of the Middle East’s most food-centric cities, it is hardly surprising that Abu Dhabi embraces the cuisines of its fellow Arabian nations. Hummus is undoubtedly one of the most unmistakable dishes from the MENA Region. As simple as this delectable dish sounds for, it is surely easy to get it wrong since you may find the cost beforehand. So, where do you go if you desire for having some amazing hummus in Abu Dhabi, Ofcourse, you must head towards Sajway since it provides you with one of the Best Hummus in Abu Dhabi. You would feel amazed to have such hummus here at the price that you might be looking out for. This dish tastes super-amazing. You will surely love this whenever you come up over here.

Who would have thought of something as simple as hummus may have such a tantalizing taste. It is made from the blended chickpeas, tahini sauce with freshly squeezed lime juice and topped with olive oil; it is magic over the plate. It is also a staple food across the Arab world with slight variations depending upon the cultural influences. Thankfully, there are multiple places to enjoy quality hummus within Abu Dhabi however they serve up quite fast. This is simple yet glorious place to come over. Hummus may be enjoyed like an appetizer, side dish or else a dip with veggies. Whichever version you prefer, there is no denying that hummus made in the traditional manner and served with pipping pita takes some beating. Here, at Sajway, you get the finest picks of having one of the Best Hummus in Abu Dhabi. Make sure that you land over here to grab the golden opportunity of having the best experience.